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Who authorisedd Michael Keith to lie about Tower Hamlets to MPs?

The Author © CAAL 2005 | 30.09.2005 12:13 | Social Struggles | London

“The Author / CAAL, 2005...The collection of independently verifiable evidence on the incidents and the frequency of lying by persons whether as current councillors or as senior employees of Tower Hamlets Council as well as the conduct of MPs, MEPs and GLA members covering the same area as the LBTH Council area, with the object of stopping these persosn from lying FULL STOP”

Exclusive Social study on tackling poverty and social exclusion in London’s East End!

We are publishing from 2300 Hrs GMT on Monday 3 October 2005 the first of series of questions based on the appearance of Tower Hamlets Borough Councillor Michael Keith before a group of MPs.

At a future date, we shall publish the analysis of what Michael ~keith actually did on that occasion and we shall do so to focus attention on the total misrepresentation of the relevant facts by Michael Keith on the occasion concerned.

Why are we doing so ?

Answer: As a most important educational service to the community in the East End of London. the people in Tower Hamlets have been told so many lies in the past 11 years - 1994 to 2005 since the former Labour Party was allowed back in control of the Tower Hamlets Council in 1994.

In the 11 years, Tower Hamlets, Council has sunk to the lowest possible depth. it has been hijacked by a group of antisocial elements who neither belong with the wider population in the inner cities borough nor have any solidarity with the people.

Yet the Borough continues to remain the most deprived borough in all of England. in some surveys. it is shown as being the second misted deprived. But that is a difference of style only, not of real substance.

Whoever is doing the independent survey, every year Tower Hamlets tops the list of deprivation,underachievement,nt, social exclusion.

Yet there has ben no admission of these e objectively verifiable facts from a single one of the councillors in the controlling Tower Hamlets 'councillors' group.

The Blair-serving, Blair-linked Group has been led twice by a professor of lies who styles himself as a sociologist. That man told lies to MPs. Though some of the MPs noticed that Michael Keith was lying, they stopped far short of calling a halt to his lying and they failed to discipline him for lying to a group of members of the ‘elected UK House of Commons’ on that occasion Why idd they do so ?

Why did the MPs let Michael Keith get away with lying and with failing to answer truthfully, clearly, rationally, logically and pertinently answer with current and relevant facts the repeated questions that had been put to him about the disastrous failures of the Tower Hamlets council ?
We publish; the report on that and related matters at 2350 Hrs GMT on Sunday 2 October 2005

The Author © CAAL 2005


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