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Protest Carnival against GM crops, Essex, Sunday.

05-07-2002 03:27

Carnival and protest this Sunday in Essex against GM crops!

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Israeli Right-wing Minister Effi Eitam wants to KILL Marwan Barghouti

05-07-2002 00:02

Support immediate release of elected Palestinian Parliamentarian Marwan Barghouti, one of the leading Palestinian reformers by signing the online petition! Pass it to others Please.

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Ahmadi family must stay!

04-07-2002 23:16

A young Muslim family that fled persecution by the Taliban in Afghanistan have been given sanctuary in their local mosque. They have taken sanctuary in an attempt to delay their deportation and buy time to persuade the Home Office not to return them to Germany but to hear their application for asylum in theUK.

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04-07-2002 22:51

The British government Wednesday unveiled controversial proposals to introduce compulsory identity cards.

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One killed in shooting attack at El Al ticket counter in L.A.

04-07-2002 19:38

One person was killed and two wounded Thursday in a shooting at approximately 10 P.M. (Israel time) at El Al's ticket counter at Los Angeles Airport

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The eyes of Israel (cartoon by Latuff)

04-07-2002 19:29

The eyes of Israel (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli occupation.

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DESMOND TUTU & IAN URBINA speak out against Israeli Apartheid

04-07-2002 19:04

The United States' distinct responsibility to intervene in atrocities committed by Israel! Israel IS single largest recipient of US arms and foreign aid! Israel occupation end should be top concern of all Americans.

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b.l.u.g brixton linux user group

04-07-2002 18:09

New Linux User Group in Brixton

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Spy base protesters demand freedom from United States

04-07-2002 16:14

re-posted from Yorkshire Evening Press (4 July 2002):

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July 4: United we Waddle

04-07-2002 15:55

The "ugly American" myth is now surpassed by the "fat American" myth, or is it simply the reality of who we've become as we consume the bulk of the world's resources?

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Article by Pilger - front page today in the Mirror

04-07-2002 13:47

Another excellent article John Pilger in the Mirror today with front page title Mourn on the fourth of July

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a little REBELLION NOW and then is a GOOD THING

04-07-2002 12:48

In honor of U.S. Independence Day,here are America's founding documents, important writings from the past, and modern assessments of the state of liberty. For those of you within the United States, we wish you a happy Fourth of July. For those outside the U.S., we hope that you'll join us for a celebration of freedom.

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GMO, Amnesty and Afghanistan

04-07-2002 12:27

Today in Global Observer you will find an article about the european legislation on GMO, an Amnesty's press release about the International Criminal Court and an article about US bombing in Afghanistan.

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Secret plan to revive UK nuclear power industry

04-07-2002 12:21

Secret plan to revive UK nuclear power industry 19:00 03 July 02 Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition Deep within the British government, officials are laying secret plans to push through a major programme of new nuclear power stations. According to internal policy briefings leaked to New Scientist, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) wants to speed up safety checks of new reactors and is discussing ways to soften up public opposition to nuclear power.

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MAn who beheaded Thatcher statue faces criminal charges

04-07-2002 11:51

A marble statue of the UK ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been beheaded while on display at the Guildhall Art Gallery, London. The presumed author of the decapitation, a 37 year old theatre producer named Paul Kelleher, appeared in court today in connection with the evenet, where he denied the charge of criminal damage.

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Travel to Strasbourg No Border Camp

04-07-2002 11:46

Suggestions for transport to the coming No Borders Action Camp in Strasbourg, France from July 19th-28th

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04-07-2002 11:42

THEM HERE!” - This is the cry of the extreme right up
and down the country.

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SQUALL Update: Mark Barnsley, Israel, Glastonbury, Castlemorton+10 and more...

04-07-2002 11:16

check the website for latest updates - sorted news + views with top pictures, all direct from the streets:

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Regeneration "RIP OFF"

04-07-2002 10:58

Corruption is rife in Merseyside great Britaine and no one is doing anything about this dreadfull issue. How long will the poor of Merseyside have to suffer before someone does somehting?

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Incredible State repression against UK activists: UPDATE!

04-07-2002 10:35

More information on the arrest, raids, seizures and charges of yesterday. Disgusting police behaviour