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Germany, Berlin: Turkish fascist riots against left-winged Kurds

30-10-2007 08:27

The international crisis between Turkey and Kurdish rebells in Nothern Iraque led to massive turkish riots against Kurds in Berlin, Germany.

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Lewisham 77 event - 10th November 2007

30-10-2007 07:36

Lewisham 77 flyer
Remembering and Reflecting on racism and resistance 30 years after the anti-fascist Battle of Lewisham

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Two new cartoons about the Iraq War (by Latuff)

30-10-2007 06:15

U.S. soldiers have feelings too...
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Deaths in Custody: What the Families demand

30-10-2007 03:41

As every yearon the occasion of the annual Death in Custody Protest, the United Families and Friends Campaign handed a letter to the Prime Minister, offering a spot on resume and key demands how to reduce casualties and treat the bereaved with dignity and respect for a change.

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Israeli Legal Advisor Halts Gaza Collective Punishment

30-10-2007 03:13

Has the British media been covering this? The US and Canadian media has been almost silent on the issue. The plan appears to be to ignore the initial provocation - just as the media ignored Israel and America's support of the failed coup attempt by Fatah in Gaza - and only focus on the predicted Palestinian response, which will then be used to 'justify' Israel's long-planned assault on the world's largest Concentration Camp.

Starting to understand how the game is played?

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New Us Internet Tv Station

30-10-2007 01:22

A new (allegedly) anti - corporate, left looking tv station is being established via the internet from the US.

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Peter Hain cooks up wrong figures to make Gordon Brown come unstuck at last!

29-10-2007 23:43

On 25 September 2007 we exclusively said on Indymedia this:

“Watch this space
Especially to read about how Peter Hain will make Gordon Brown look a fool just when Brown needs to convince 'Britain' of how reliable he is!”

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Build on green belt, says 'independent' Natural England head

29-10-2007 23:12

Natural England chief says green belt land 'should be converted into 'something that adds value'.

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Ahmadinejad cartoons in the British press

29-10-2007 22:09

Daily Telegraph, 26 October 2007
A selection of cartoons on Ahmadinejad published in British broadsheets (25-29 October 2007)

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Call for the release of the Cuban Five

29-10-2007 20:19

The Cuban chapter of the Defense of Humanity Network announced in Havana a new call for the release of the five anti-terrorist Cubans incarcerated for nine years with heavy sentences hanging over them.

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Conversations at the Anarchist Bookfair 2007

29-10-2007 19:07

There's a lot of anarchy to be had in a conversation

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Tonight Free Showing SOCPA Movie

29-10-2007 18:03


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The gravest nuclear threat to the world: America's Armageddonites

29-10-2007 16:38

There are religious fanatics that indeed do pose a nuclear threat-but they do not reside in the Middle East.

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Find Out What's Hot & Upcoming In London on the London Site

29-10-2007 16:31

London Indymedia is going through a small experiment,

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700 health workers to strike in defence of their union rep

29-10-2007 16:25

700 health workers, mainly nurses, will be out on strike again for 3 days Wednesday 31st October, Thursday 1st November and Friday 2nd November.

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Anarchist Bookfair 2007

29-10-2007 16:04

The umpteenth Bookfair at the umpteenth venue.

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Diverse Communities Explore Climate Change At The Akashi Festival

29-10-2007 15:26

In the Foyer at the Junction
PRESS RELEASE: On Saturday 27th October, over 350 people from a diverse range of cultural and faith backgrounds attended the Akashi Festival at The Junction in Cambridge. The participants engaged in a range of activities, from conversation circles to creating art murals and henna painting, from Bollywood and hip hop dance workshops to measuring personal carbon footprints.

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Food Not Bombs on 3rd November

29-10-2007 15:09

Food not Bombs will be supporting the anti racism march in Whitworth Park on the 3rd of November with hot free food. Anyone who wants to help cooking, serving, collecting food donations etc, please get in touch on:

07906614815 or

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Palestine Today 102907

29-10-2007 15:06

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday, October 29th, 2007.

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Press Release - Collective Punishment In Al Masra'a After Peaceful Demonstration

29-10-2007 14:22


Sunday October 28th 2007



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