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Slashdot Users Defy Censorship

19-01-2002 01:12

In what approximates a "user revolt" against editors at the online community, a moderator-critical threat has become one of the most popular in history despite the editorial "bitchslap of the century".

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Nazi Rumsfield sanctios torture

18-01-2002 22:59

If anyone didn't believe the tenets of the New World Order theory, Guantanamo Bay ought to put them straight. Torture techniques practised against IRA suspects during internment, head up again. These are fairly lowly idealistic men. No leaders will get themselves in this situation. The US govt paid out $43m last year to ensure that. This isn't concentration camp stuff - no families involved, but a practice run. The US FEMA camps are there.

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Faction TWO

18-01-2002 20:14

On the nature of certain factions...

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Spain: Anti-globalization webs criminalized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18-01-2002 19:23

The spanish police starts an operation of spionage and criminalization against the anti-globalization movement on the internet as a start of their period in the Presidence of the European Union.

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18-01-2002 18:57

In the face of the increasingly serious situation of our people, we feel we have the responsibility and also the renewed hope for our voices to be heard. Here is our proposal. Sindicato de Amas de Casa, Santa Fe

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The truth about the new imperialistic war of USA. Part 4

18-01-2002 17:24

Where is Afghanistan leading to?

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The truth about the new imperialistic war of USA. Part 3

18-01-2002 17:15

The take-over of Kabul is not the end of this reactionary conflict!

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The truth about the new imperialistic war of USA.

18-01-2002 16:56

Part 1.
An article about the invasion of USA in Afghanistan.

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Profiting From Breast Cancer

18-01-2002 16:39

So, Zeneca, the originator of Breast Cancer Awareness month is the manufacturer of carcinogenic petrochemicals, carcinogenic pollutants and a breast cancer drug that causes at least four different types of cancer in women, including  breast cancer. 

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Release of tape of Iran prison beatings

18-01-2002 16:29

The truth must be told about killings of journalists

Invitation to press conference, Monday 21 January 2002, 12 noon

The National Union of Journalists will on Monday 21 January release details of videotapes that throw light on a desperate conspiracy to conceal the truth about the serial killings of journalists and writers in Iran. Five were killed between November 1998 and February 1999.

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18-01-2002 14:24

posters for downloading and printing for January 26th (article 1)

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US to leave Saudi Arabia

18-01-2002 14:24

Can anyone confirm the newspaper report....

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Canadian Farmers Sue Monsanto and Aventis

18-01-2002 14:14

Candadian organic farmers have launched a class action suit against Monsanto and Aventis to seek compensation for damages caused by their genetically engineered canola and to obtain an injunction to stop the introduction of genetically engineered wheat by Monsanto.

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On terrorism and the state

18-01-2002 14:12

At the end of the seventies, Gianfranco Sanguinetti wrote 'On terrorism and the state' (Del terrorismo e dello stato), in which he exposed the role of the police and secret services in terrorist activities as the bomb on the Piazza Fontana and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. His observations remain acute:

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Countryside Alliance

18-01-2002 13:19

Possible bug in website

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world inequality rises (BBC)

18-01-2002 12:03

You'd never have guessed, but apparently the world is becoming more unequal! Seriously, the news here is that a mainstream economist has admitted it. Link to BBC report:

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Northern Ireland: workers unite against sectarian murders

18-01-2002 11:59

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called a half-day strike in protest against the wave of sectarian killings of public service workers. Rallies in support will be held across Northern Ireland. The peaceful majority are mobilising, through their trade unions! Link to BBC report:

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It returns, after a long silence Radio IMC Argentina

18-01-2002 11:07

It returns, after a long silence Radio IMC Argentina
Vuelve, después de un largo silencio Radio IMC Argentina, la radio por internet de Indymedia Argentina

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The fuel protesters

18-01-2002 10:57

no summary

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Peaceful change might not be possible

18-01-2002 10:33

It`s already a war. But what kind of a war.
Anyone with her eyes open should have noticed
that the repression is taking place on a daily basis.