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War Digest : new website

01-11-2001 15:44

A digest of information relevant to the current 'war' in Afghanistan. A starting point for people who know nothing, and (I hope) an interesting resource for those that do.

If you have good sources and information, please become a contributor.

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Hoax Case Postponed

01-11-2001 15:30

the trial of Eric Suschetet at Snaresbrook Crown Court has been postponed until Monday November 12th

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"Winning the hearts and minds of the British public"

01-11-2001 15:05

An in-depth look at the way forward

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Middle East Newspaper cuttings 1/11

01-11-2001 12:51

From the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU)

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7 W.O.M.B.L.E.S. attacked and arrested by police!!!!

01-11-2001 12:26

7 people some wearing white overalls and halloween masks
were viciously attacked while walking down Oxford Street on
Halloween night.

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Strange experiences in Germany, Warnings to Britons

01-11-2001 12:10

report of the author on its malicious, hidden "worked on" in Germany, that have led to his flight to England.
But the report also warn the Britons that too the German circle will "work on" Britons, those are unpopular with the German ring.

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Protest conference at the ICA

01-11-2001 11:20

10 and 11 November sees a weekend-long event to explore the practice of protest in the UK and across the world.

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"US funds terrorists in Eastern Europe - Bush must go "

01-11-2001 10:48

'Either you are for terrorism sponsored by the Bush administration or you are against it'

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Rebel MPs push for war vote

01-11-2001 09:55

Rebel MPs push for war vote
B52s are the latest aircraft in action over Afghanistan

Labour MPs opposed to the bombing of Afghanistan will
try to force a vote at the end of the latest Commons
debate on the war.

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Newz In Pic's...

01-11-2001 05:51

Seeing Is Believing...

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Six Homes Demolished in East Jerusalem

01-11-2001 02:12

Six Homes Demolished in East Jerusalem

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plot to vaccinate us populace

01-11-2001 00:35

Why on earth would you order 300 million doses of the stuff, 17% of the stuff improperly tested, if you didnt intend to use it?

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Mainstream Media Article on American Terrorism

01-11-2001 00:10

george monbiot has irritated more than a few of us,here he does well. Backyard terrorism The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it

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Free America Now

31-10-2001 23:48

Save Americans! Unite against corporate thugs!

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Mediterranean Climate Actions on 6/11

31-10-2001 23:44

The Mediterranean Social-Ecological Youth Network calls for an international action day on the 6th of November. Grass-roots climate activist networks in Northern Europe have said to support the Call For Action.

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Phone numbers for those detained in Little Rock, US

31-10-2001 23:23

Tortured too! Buy a low cost phonecard and CALL please.
Only a couple of pence a minute can prevent suffering /release someone.

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EU-wide student- and pupilprotests newsletter number 3

31-10-2001 22:50

EU-wide student- and pupilprotests newsletter number 3
EU-wide student- and pupilprotests From December the 10th - 14th. A lot has happened since we wrote the last newsletter. In this newsletter we have some new information about the upcoming protests (December the 10th untill 14th)against GATS and privatisation of Education and some important dates from meetings and so-called warm-up actions.

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Little Rock 26

31-10-2001 21:08

A dispatch from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, where more than a dozen political prisoners are still behind bars after being brutally attacked by the police on Monday during an animal rights protest against UK-based Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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America, still blind

31-10-2001 20:45

The US is still blind as to the causes of terrorist actions

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WTO - paranoia before Quatar

31-10-2001 20:34

In addition to global protests, the WTO has been subject to attacs of the Yesman. The renowned communication guerillero explains why the WTO is getting nervous 10 days before Quatar.