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7 W.O.M.B.L.E.S. attacked and arrested by police!!!!

W@ | 01.11.2001 12:26

7 people some wearing white overalls and halloween masks
were viciously attacked while walking down Oxford Street on
Halloween night.

Once again activists from the W.O.M.B.L.E.S. are harrassed,
beaten and arrested just for wearing white overalls.
It initially started when a police van stopped a group of
wombles at around 11.00pm on Oxford Street. They pushed
a person up against the wall while attempting to search
others. The cop was obviously loosing it and shouted about teaching him respect, he had definetely taken some sort of illegal substance [possible speed or coccaine]as his nose was bright red and was twitching heavily. He later threw-up
around a corner!!! The cops then proceeded to drag this
person, who had been viciously handcuffed, into a van, at this point other people surrounded the van. The police then started to get batons out and punched several people in the face indiscriminately. They piled into the van and quickly closed the door, they must have been completely freaked out at what they did, mistakenly reversing their van into a bus!! Back-up was called and two riot vans and a dog unit arrived. Some people from the W.O.M.B.L.E.S. were then jumped upon by police with dogs and hit with batons. They were then all taken to West-end central. As far a I know they some have been charged with affray(!!) and criminal damage(!!). Comrades were then mobilised to west-end central
and demanded information about those held. Doctors were called on request by those held.

At this time[12.15pm]one person has been charged with
being drunk and disorderly(!!)and the other 6 are still
being held. Any updates we get will be posted here and
on the wombles newswire.


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