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BP and Shell garages closed by direct action in Edinburgh today

04-07-2005 09:41

Direct action against the oil industry and the G8 started early today in Edinburgh....

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Is the G8 Radio stream active?

04-07-2005 09:22

I dont seem to be able to access it.


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Financial support to Passe-Livre Movement - Florianopolis, Brazil

04-07-2005 08:55

Passe Livre, or Free Passing, is a movement struggling against the ever increasing public transportation fares in Brazil, for free transportation for students and against the prevalent concept of transportation as a commodity, which implies the extension of the successes gained by students to the rest of the social spectrum.

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Glasgow - Make Borders History Pictures #2

04-07-2005 08:47

Group with soundsystem at the Registry Office, meeting "Brides again Borders"
Pictures of the Make Borders History Tour in Glasgow, july 3rd, for freedom of movement and against migration control (part 2).

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Glasgow - Make Borders History Pictures #1

04-07-2005 08:38

Meeting Point Buchanan Underground 13.30
Pictures of the Make Borders History Tour in Glasgow, july 3rd, for freedom of movement and against migration control.

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Stop Israel now

04-07-2005 08:22

Israel joins NATO submarine exercise

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Stop War Edinburgh March

04-07-2005 08:18

The march leaves
A short report and pics.

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Faslane: First report

04-07-2005 08:01

Protestors arrived at Faslane. At the moment the midges are a bigger problem then the cops...

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Art of War : War Monument

04-07-2005 07:01

War Monument

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Faslane Blockade: Timeline

04-07-2005 06:37

A 'Really Really Big Blockade' type direct action by Trident Ploughshares (TP) and CND is planned for Faslane nuclear submarine base. Coaches left from Glasgow and Edinburgh. This timeline gives news as they are coming in the dispatch phone at 07901 778 062 and 07050 686 844.

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04-07-2005 06:08

Some interesting reflections here from US writer/editor Danny Schechter. Danny Schechter edits and directed WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception) a film on the media coverage of the war in Iraq that was shown at the Alternative Summit in Edinburgh. For more:

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protest g8 in Bristol : 6 July

04-07-2005 01:11

July 6th Wedenesday, 5pm
outside the Hopoddrome, St Augustine’s parade

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Plym against G8 (poster)

04-07-2005 00:39

just a nice poster

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Make Poverty History July 2nd Demo - An Eyewitness Report

04-07-2005 00:16

After an epically long overnight Coach journey, (which incidentally didn't get surveillance from Cops Inc. at its drop off point), we arrived in Edinburgh for what I suspect may prove to be one of the biggest public demonstrations in the city's history.

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We should force people to the polls, says Hoon

04-07-2005 00:08

July 04, 2005 The Times
We should force people to the polls, says Hoon

COMPULSORY voting at general elections should be introduced as a way of breathing new life into the political process, Geoff Hoon will say today.

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24 police vans seen heading north

04-07-2005 00:03

Late Sunday afternoon, the People's Patrol spotted three convoys of police vans, a group of 8 motorcycle police and a tractor trailer loaded with steel barricades.

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Edinburgh Public Action - 6th July

04-07-2005 00:00

Public Action in central Edinburgh on the day of blockades, the 6th of July.

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Make Poverty History - Black Bloc and Police

03-07-2005 23:59

Photographs of Black Bloc and Police at the Make Poverty History March.

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SCUM8TEK 2nd July - A million sound systems and no bob!

03-07-2005 22:45

The Scum8 Teknival went ahead in London this weekend as an antidote to the Live8 crap...

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Putting Politics back into this protest

03-07-2005 22:44

Lets get real - Live 8 was not progressive!
Even the Sunday Mail loved it (the paper that suport the British Nazis in the 30's)