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Government attacks access to justice

28-06-2011 23:19

Second reading of the Legal aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill - MPs urged to fight government plans to cut free legal advice

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Vigils at the High Court in advance of Julian Assange's extradition appeal

28-06-2011 22:06

Vigils will be held outside the High Court in London on the days leading up to Julian Assange's extradition appeal hearing. All support welcome.

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Athens: Riot cop tries to defect in middle of riot!

28-06-2011 20:39

Translation of accounts from Greek indymedia

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Greece: general strike 28.06.2011 - video

28-06-2011 20:15

Greece: general strike 28.06.2011 - video

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Everyone to the Streets - A Callout

28-06-2011 19:55


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SCREW:Scheme for Radioactive Environment and Water

28-06-2011 18:55

The following press release has been sent to Radiation Free Lakeland:



Due to the current untenable waste situation within the nuclear industry, the Government has decided to ask for volunteer communities for one or more Repositories for Atomic Pollutants in the Environment (RAPE). 



Communities electing to be voluntarily RAPED can apply to join the SHAFT scheme  (Special Help After your Futures Termination).  Those who have been RAPED AND SHAFTED will then be reviewed to qualify under the SCREW scheme.  (Scheme for Radioactive Environment and Water).


Please note that you can only be RAPED once , SHAFTED TWICE  but SCREWED as many times as the Government deems appropriate.


Most importantly the Government prides itself on providing  Communities who have been RAPED, with substantial CRAP  (Community Recompense for Atomic Pollution).  If the Community feels it has not received enough CRAP please bring this to the attention of the minister responsible as his remit is to give all the CRAP you can handle as outlined below:


“Charles Hendry, Minister of State for Energy, told a meeting of the Geological Disposal Implementation Board in London today: “Today’s annual report and proposals for identifying and assessing possible sites show that we are making progress in this vital area. I want us to continue to be ambitious in our timescales for delivery. I would like us to set a goal of putting the first (high level) waste into a geological disposal facility by the end of 2029. I have tasked the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to look at opportunities for accelerating progress to meet this aim.”




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Calais: Africa House demolition, Global House eviction

28-06-2011 18:00

'Africa House' has been evicted and is now being demolished. Yesterday 27th June police raided the squat, home of about 100 people with and without papers, forcefully removing everyone. Another squat was opened, 'Global House', but evicted the same evening. People have been made homeless and destitute back on the streets of Calais...

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All Out For June 30th!

28-06-2011 17:55

On June 30th, members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), National Union of Teachers (NUT), Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) and University and Colleges Union (UCU) will take part in coordinated strike action. This is the first major coordinated strike against the cuts and various activities are planned for the day including a march and rally and a free space hosting various activities through the week.

On the newswire: Anti-cuts campaigners support striking unions | Notts Uncut Newsletter 3 – The Strike Edition! | Notts Uncut – feeding the pickets | J30 – A strike means nobody and nothing works

There is a busy timetable of events on the day:

  • Early morning onward – pickets outside workplaces
  • 8am – Notts Uncut. Meet up at Nottingham Railway station to feed pickets and engage in solidarity action.
  • 8.30am – Unison demonstration against major cuts to social care provision – assemble County Hall, West Bridgford.
  • 11am – NUT, ATL, UCU, PCS joint strike march – assemble from 11am, Forest Recreation Ground (Goose Fair site).
  • 11.30 am – Marchers leave The Forest, march down Mansfield Road, on to Milton Street and then in to the Trinity Square.
  • 12 noon/12.30pm with the arrival of the march in Trinity Square. Speakers, stalls, refreshments and more in Trinity Square. There will be face painting and other activities for younger people.
  • 13.30pm – March continues along Burton Street, South Sherwood Street and Parliament Street to the Albert Hall just off Derby Road for speakers and debate on the way forward for the dispute. There will be live music provided by Banner Theatre, Trade Union speakers and an opportunity to contribute from the floor. Ending 3pm approx.

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Campaigners celebrate 63rd Birthday of the NHS

28-06-2011 17:55

Campaigners in Nottinghamshire will celebrate the 63rd birthday of the founding of the National Health Service (NHS) on Tuesday 5th July 2011, by holding protests warning of the threat it faces from the coalition government.

In Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS) will take over the London Road roundabout from 4pm-7pm. They plan to use the event to warn of the threat to the NHS and also to publicise a larger rally in Market Square at 12 noon on Saturday 9th July.

In the north of the county, campaigners from Bassetlaw Protecting our People and Services and Bassetlaw Save Our Services will hold a "birthday party" outside Bassetlaw Hospital from 11am-2pm.

The protests are an opportunity to celebrate the NHS and everything it has achieved, but are also an opportunity to warn people about the danger posed by the Health and Social Care Bill, currently going through Parliament.

Campaigners warn that despite the 'listening exercise' and government spin, the Bill still leaves the door open for private companies to take over the NHS.

Barry Donlan from Bassetlaw said, "Our NHS isn't broken. So we don't need to fix it. It has higher satisfaction levels and better outcomes than inefficient and unfair systems like the USA. At a time of supposed austerity, to spend £1.7 billion on restructuring the NHS and replacing it with an untried system seems the height of folly."

Harry Powell from Notts SOS said, "The 'pause' to allow the government to listen' has been followed by some changes and an extensive PR campaign. But we should not be fooled. The 'reforms' are still a very real threat to the NHS and there remains a pressing need to kill the Bill."

Notes for editors

  1. Notts SOS will also be holding a rally at Speakers' Corner (the Clough Statue) in Nottingham from 12 noon on Saturday 9th July. This will be followed by various activities around the city centre. These protests form part of a "day of action to save our NHS".


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Chinese Workers On The Brink Of Huge Revolt

28-06-2011 17:15

Striking workers rally outside the Guangzhou handbag factory
As the days pass, the evidence is mounting that Chinese workers are on the verge of a massive revolt, which has the potential to rock the globalised capitalist system at its foundation - the super-exploitation of labour in the 'sweatshop of the world'.

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J30: Strike and Demonstrations in Bristol and Beyond

28-06-2011 16:55

A major demonstration is planned as part of J30 day of action across Bristol and other parts of the South West following NUT, ATL and UCU members balloting to strike in response to the ConDem government's plans to make public sector workers pay for the economic crisis caused by the financial sector's irresponsibility

The nationwide strike action on June 30th by over 750,000 public sector workers is the biggest threat yet to this governments plan to make public sector workers pay for the economic crisis, with the likelihood that schools, colleges and government offices will be shut for the day.

While the banking sector has returned to enjoying the fruits of our labour, we are told that there is no alternative but to cut the services we depend on, and for public sector workers to pay more, work longer, and receive smaller pensions while bankers enjoy ever increasing bonuses.

In Bristol there will be a demonstration organised by the NUT, ATL and UCU, with other unions likely to join and support from groups such as the Bristol and District Anti-Cuts Alliance and the Bristol Anarchist Foundation . A march will start from College Green at 11.00, with a rally and music at Castle Park to follow. Around 5000 people are expected to turn up for what may well be the biggest protest the city will have seen since the outbreak of the Iraq war

In Taunton there will be an anti-cuts rally organised by NUT, ATL, UCU, and PCS and supported by Taunton Activist Collective

For updates on where actions are happening see the J30 site that provides links and call outs from across the country.

J30 Strike website | J30 Strike in Taunton | J30: Pensions March and Rally in Bristol | We Want Our Money Back: Tax Collection June 30th | Bristol Anarchist Federation Statement on the J30 Strike | BADACA on the J30 Strike

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16th of July EDL in Portsmouth and counter demo

28-06-2011 16:33


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J30 - where are the class struggle anarchists?

28-06-2011 16:13

For years class struggle anarchists in the UK have been waging war against lifestyle anarchists for the legitimacy of anarchist identity.

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Postcard From Nottingham

28-06-2011 15:17

J30 Strike
We must throw off the shackles of despondency, fear and hopelessness and see that our government’s mandate stems only from the will of the people. Should we demonstrate that they do not represent us, that they do not act in the people’s interest then they lose all legitimacy.

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Kingsley Burrell: Birmingham march for justice

28-06-2011 14:45

Britain is a country that is deeply divided by race. Not of course the crude racism of the Deep South antebellum but the echoes of the polite genteel racism that nevertheless produces hard structural inequalities is as real today as it ever was. The collusion with racism and the maintenance of inequalities based on skin colour regardless of citizenship or talent continues to blight the lives of millions of black people.

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Palestine Today 06 28 2011

28-06-2011 13:59

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Tuesday June 28, 2011

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J30 Black Bloc London website?

28-06-2011 12:10

After the large black bloc on the March 26th anti-cuts demo in London, it seems likely that a repeat BB would be out on the streets for any subsequent demo. A website / blog called Black Bloc London has appeared announcing a meet-up place for J30.

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American journalist attacks local artists' drawing

28-06-2011 11:55

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'Pigeons having sex outside ASDA in Hyson Green' drawing attacked by top American journalist.

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Artist Lord Biro has just received an email from American journalist Erik Peterson, features writer for the Nottingham Post, viscously attacking his drawing ' Pigeons having sex outside ASDA in Hyson Green' on show at his current exhibition 'Notts Post Secondary Modern Artshow', 7 West End Arcade Nottingham – finishes July 4 (not open Sunday).

Mr Peterson said in his email ''I was disgusted, mortified.. “Lord” Biro’s vile depiction of pigeons..' and 'I shall be contacting my local councillor.. ..regarding this beastly attack on all that is good in the Forest Fields/Hyson Green area.' ..etc etc.

Many people who have seen the drawing including Radio Nottingham DJ John Holmes and media icon Ray Gosling find it very amusing. Other residents in the Hyson Green/Forest fields area past and present who are in the exhibition include – undercover cop Mark 'Flash' Kennedy, local guitarist Harry Stevenson and Robin Hoods' friend Much the Millers Son, who once lived at Bobbersmill on the nearby river Leen.



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Leeds ABC Benefit Night

28-06-2011 11:02

Sunday 24th July.