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Athens: Riot cop tries to defect in middle of riot!

Chios National Liberation Movement | 28.06.2011 20:39 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Translation of accounts from Greek indymedia

A fed up riot cop threw his baton, helmet and shield away, in the middle of the riots today. When his 'comrades' realized, they pulled him back and started to "restrain" or "beat" him, according to accounts, before the unit beat a quick retreat to the parliament building.
He yelled "Go fuck all of you, I'm leaving!", then he dumped his equipment and started moving towards the crowd of protesters. His riot cop 'comrades' possibly lifted him into the air, and with pushing and shoving dragged him back, with gear.

article 1312410
article 1312452

Clearly some 'attack dogs' are fed up at not being paid ANYTHING, let alone a decent wage, while the wealthy Greek kmasters enjoy lovely London town.


cops tear gas hit a van, and set it on fire


and awesome photo of 'rioters' assisting old comrade gassed by cops
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