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Rape in the Jungle? : the Daily Mail hate of migrants.

29-08-2008 03:21

Today's British press will report a story of a gang rape by illegal migrants hoping to enter the UK of a British journalism student who was in a migrant camp to report sympathetically on their misery.

fact 1) She's Canadian.
fact 2) It happened last Monday.
fact 3) the prosecutor specifically said in his statement on Friday that it was not a "gang rape" but (presumedly based on evidence) the crime of a known rapist.
fact 4) The site known as "la jungle" only exists because of the opposition of the UK government to the former Red Cross camp of Sangatte which provided for those who had nowhere else to go.

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Climate Camp Debate: The Road to 90% and the Role of the State

28-08-2008 23:01

Two hour debate recorded at this year's Camp for Climate Action.

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Medical Justice in great need of volunteers

28-08-2008 22:58

Medical Justice with National Coalition of Anti Deportations Campaigns and Birnberg Peirce Solicitors have recently published a report titled 'Outsourcing Abuse' with nearly 300 cases, documented by 18 independent doctors, of detainees injured, particularly during removal. Sadly the abuse is continuing.

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The 300-350 Show: A Green New Deal

28-08-2008 22:20

Interview with Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation about "The New Green Deal" - a new set of proposals for tackling the triple challenges of the credit crunch, climate crunch and energy crunch.

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The 300-350 Show - Climate Change Bill Update

28-08-2008 22:13

Update on the progress of the Climate Change Bill in an interview with Eliot Whittington - senior cilmate change advisor at Christian Aid. Christian Aid has criticised the government for 'eviscerating' the Bill.

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Asperger Syndrome (Autistic) disabled hacker due to be deported to the States,

28-08-2008 22:04

Colin I hope you are reading because I give you full permission to copy this to anyone you think may be able to help) I have already written to Ari Neeman, and my MP Bob Ainsworth about this issue.

It is not the rights and wrongs of hacking here which concern me, the guy did wrong and should be tried for it, however it is where he should be tried and where he is likely to meet with the better justice and undestanding of the mitigating circumstances which his AS brings to the question here.

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Austrian animal rights political prisoner speaks out

28-08-2008 22:03

Vienna, 26th August 2008

Message to the International Animal Rights Movement from Martin Balluch, imprisoned without charge for 100 days for legitimate animal rights campaigning.

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Dodgy BAE dealings in South Africa

28-08-2008 20:27

The corrupt arms deal in South Africa is being exposed but the people in power are trying to hide the trail by smearing the person uncovering the muck.

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B2 Stealth bombers fly into RAF Fairford

28-08-2008 20:17

B2 Stealth bomber flying into RAF Fairford
Two US B2 stealth bombers arrived at RAF Fairford at midnight on Monday 11th August and left on Friday 15th August.

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Gaza boats travel back to Cyprus

28-08-2008 20:06

SS Free Gaza & SS Liberty - the 2 boats that broke the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza last week are on their return journey, with Palestinian passengers on board and Israeli naval vessels in site.

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Copenhagen 2009

28-08-2008 20:01

Questions about the possible effectiveness and outcomes of heading off to Copenhagen in November/December of 2009 for the Climate negotiations. Alternative proposed.

(Sorry, not a news piece, so you may well delete.)

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Long Haul Infoshop, Berkeley USA raided by Feds and UC police

28-08-2008 17:52

At around 10:30am, 5-6 Officers made there way into the Longhaul Infoshop and broke down every door and stole every single computer on the property (including those used by the Slingshot collective and East Bay Prisoner Support). They also raided cabinets, cut locks and mis-sorted our mail.

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Letting Government into Grown-up Sex and some Psiphon.

28-08-2008 17:08

Nobuyoshi Arakii
Government and Sex don't really go together at the best of times. At the heart of
that especial relationship which has shaped global discourse for eight years
is a puritanism which has an over-weening interest in both artistic discourse
and grown-up sex.

At bottom this seems to be combined with a fear and distrust of anything
that is 'other' to what seems , frankly, a limited experience of human sexuality.

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28-08-2008 16:09

The website for Last Hours, a zine focusing on radical culture, has seen a fair amount of new content uploaded to its pages over the last few months. This includes articles, DIY guides and news of upcoming events plus much more.

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wobs build venue and paint mural - picture diary

28-08-2008 16:07

how it looked to begin with
some pictures of london IWW's outdoor excursion.

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Palestine Today 082808

28-08-2008 15:22

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday August 28th, 2008.

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party sat night with the wobs, e. london

28-08-2008 14:52

this took many hours to draw
Open invitation to the IWW’s Saturday night social from 7pm onwards.

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Protest at Communications House - Tuesday 2 September

28-08-2008 13:57


Show solidarity with asylum seekers and immigrants

Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR
(nearest tube – Old Street )

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Price and tax increases in Greece

28-08-2008 13:51

Shorter translated version of the main article of the newspaper "Anasintaxi", issue 277-278, 1-31 July 2008

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Bayer on defensive in bee deaths

28-08-2008 13:08

Bayer CropScience is facing scrutiny because of the effect one of its best-selling pesticides has had on honeybees.A German prosecutor is investigating Werner Wenning, Bayer's chairman, and Friedrich Berschauer, the head of Bayer CropScience, after critics alleged that they knowingly polluted the environment.