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Lobby Brent Town Hall 15th Feb.

11-02-2011 18:33

Save Charteris sports centre.

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Letter in support of prisoners from San Sebastian Bachajon

11-02-2011 18:33

Letter in protest at the arbitrary detention of 117 common landholders in Chiapas. 10 remain in prison.

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Three important articles on the situation in Egypt

11-02-2011 18:08

“Washington is acutely conscious that what it confronts in Egypt is a social revolution. This has been driven home in the last few days as a strike wave has spread throughout the country, bringing into struggle virtually every section of the country’s working population, from textile workers, to bus drivers, hospital workers, actors, steelworkers, teachers, hospital workers, journalists, shipyard workers, peasants and countless others. Workers have occupied factories, blockaded major roads and fought pitched battles with riot police.

The greatest fear of the ruling elite in the United States and in every other country is that this mass uprising in Egypt will serve as a spark, radicalizing workers throughout the Middle East, Africa and beyond under conditions in which the profound and protracted crisis of world capitalism is creating mass discontent in every corner of the world.”

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Workers’ pact for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel

11-02-2011 17:32

The ITUC General Council meeting in Brussels last week adopted a statement on Peace and Justice in Palestine and Israel in furtherance of decisions taken at the ITUC World Congress.

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Anti-Cuts demo in Swindon - This Thursday!

11-02-2011 17:27

Upcoming anti-cuts demo in Swindon -

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Article - Why Do We Need a New Written Constitution for Scotland.

11-02-2011 17:23

Why We Need A New Written Constitution for Scotland

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Keep May Pk Wood Open

11-02-2011 17:22

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This Week in Palestine week 6 2011

11-02-2011 17:17

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for February 5 to 11 2011.

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The Real Facts Regarding Mark Kennedy’s Infiltration of Saving Iceland

11-02-2011 17:14

Traitors Iceland safari - M. Kennedy in Iceland in 2005
Kennedy had no role in the birth of Icelandic environmentalism

Kennedy did not provide training to Icelandic protesters and did not play an important role in actions

Kennedy was never a key decision-maker in Saving Iceland

Kennedy did act as an agent-provocateur

Illegal Icelandic collaboration with British services?

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Egypt - a military coup

11-02-2011 17:04

President Mubarak has stood down, and handed power over to the military. In his own words, "may god help everybody".

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New business opportunities: Deportation hostels

11-02-2011 16:49

In May 2010, the new coalition government committed to ending child detention for immigration purposes. The 'commitment' had to wait another few months to materialise (only last week reports revealed that a 11-year-old girl had been detained at Tinsley House detention centre, near Gatwick, over Christmas). Meanwhile, the UK Border Agency has been experimenting with a new deportation process for families, spun as "a new, compassionate approach to family removals." Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg went as far as claiming that this marked "an enormous culture shift within our immigration system." But while many serious concerns regarding the rights and welfare of migrant families remain, the new system appears to have created a new market for detention and deportation profiteers.

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Mubarak Left Cairo .. gone to Sharm El-Sheikh

11-02-2011 15:41

And according to State TV Mubarak is officially at Sharm El-Sheikh , this is confirmed by AP and various sources as reported earlier .
While we are waiting for Communique no.3 from the army , we find the Egyptian TV saying that there will be a statement released soon by Egyptian presidency !! Now we are waiting for two statements !!
Fathi Sorror , the speaker of the parliament is saying now we
There are protests in Alexandria , Suez, Asuit, Bani Sawif, Cairo , Mahalla, Mansoura, Tanta, Damnhur, Damietta, Sohag, Port Said and Ismailia.
The protesters managed to encircled the ERTU building.
More to come insh Allah.

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Track closures benefit greyhounds

11-02-2011 15:38

Greyhound homing figures are down but track closures ensure the number of greyhounds killed annually continues to fall.

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Integration instead of a Clash of Cultures?

11-02-2011 15:17

An open letter signed by over one hundred UK-based German students and academics critical of the format of the 'LSE German Symposium 2011 - Integration Debate' - in particular the invitation extended to Thilo Sarrazin and Henryk Broder.

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Soli attack in Bristol out skirts - the fire is spreading.

11-02-2011 14:51

We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians' poisoned term - we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social hierarchies of race and gender and our own seeming inability to confront and systematically destroy these entites as they suffocate us. This realisation can too often lead to paralysis or chasing one's own tails in a frenzy of self-righteous *activism* that leaves participants exhausted, the quality of their struggle cheapened, and our enemies unfazed. We have assessed the terrain in which we find ourselves and pledged a trajectory of wild rage despite the spell of tranquility that society attempts to cast, living passion and experimentation despite the inertia and obsession with dead objects this society fetishizes, and real affinity despite the empty shell of social networks and meaningless interaction we are sold as leisure or *community*. Many tools are ours in this lived resistance - but none of these find any context when not held up against a relentless and determined assault on the open prison that unfolds everywhere our enemies tread.

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Cairo protests spread to new targets

11-02-2011 14:29

Military protected State TV
Before the long delayed and rambling speech by Mubarak last night had even ended, the protest at Tahrir Square, erupted in fury. Hundreds of thousands had returned to the square after a senior military figure had hinted that all the protestors demands would be met, and the build up to the speech saw jubilant protestors dancing in the streets in anticipation of the departure of the reviled dictator. By the time he ended his patronising speech, shoes were being waved in the air. Mubabrak indicated that he was delegating unspecified powers to his newly appointed Vice President, and promised constitutional changes, but vowed to stay until September's scheduled elections.

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UWE out of occupation...For Now

11-02-2011 13:22

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No Freedom for Sexual Freedom

11-02-2011 12:29

The Coalition’s Protection of Freedoms Bill published today shows up Liberal inability to make really extensive changes in rolling back Labour’s many new laws curtailing civil liberties.