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Egypt - a military coup

Global Intifada | 11.02.2011 17:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

President Mubarak has stood down, and handed power over to the military. In his own words, "may god help everybody".

Firstly, let's remember the real positive. For the second time in a month, a corrupt African regime has been overthrown by popular revolution. Faced with increasingly draconian police measures and lines of soldiers, two populations have refused to be silenced, marching in their millions and forcing despots to flee their former seats of power.

But as we move forward from this historic day, let us always keep in mind the dark side of this transition. For a week the real power has been wielded by the army, despite Mubarak's notional command. The army has so far chosen not to flex its sizeable muscles. How long will it wait now it holds political power and all the weaponry required to drive the crowds of demonstrators indoors?

The revolution has been co-opted by a military coup, for far from the first time in history. The troubles of the people of Egypt are far from over yet. Let us keep up our support, solidarity and any measures we can to continually support these brave people in what may yet prove to be their hour of need.

Global Intifada