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Soli attack in Bristol out skirts - the fire is spreading.

BRISTOL HIT AND RUN BRIGADE | 11.02.2011 14:51 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians' poisoned term - we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social hierarchies of race and gender and our own seeming inability to confront and systematically destroy these entites as they suffocate us. This realisation can too often lead to paralysis or chasing one's own tails in a frenzy of self-righteous *activism* that leaves participants exhausted, the quality of their struggle cheapened, and our enemies unfazed. We have assessed the terrain in which we find ourselves and pledged a trajectory of wild rage despite the spell of tranquility that society attempts to cast, living passion and experimentation despite the inertia and obsession with dead objects this society fetishizes, and real affinity despite the empty shell of social networks and meaningless interaction we are sold as leisure or *community*. Many tools are ours in this lived resistance - but none of these find any context when not held up against a relentless and determined assault on the open prison that unfolds everywhere our enemies tread.

Recently, the international anarchist current suffered a blow as a squatted self-organised space, *Liebig-Strasse 14* in the city of Berlin in the occupied territory claimed by the German State, was evicted by the cops. 35 or more comrades were arrested in the building and 2,500 came to the streets in anger - in the spirit of the finest reflection of our disgust and solidarity being the strengthened continuation of our attack everywhere, the struggle against gentrification and the class and social war that surrounds it (as fought in Berlin) was continued as we visited the Dick Lovett BMW garage out by Cribbs Causeway on Tuesday night. Between 40 and 50 BMW vehicles awaiting sale at the rear of the car showroom had their paintwork ruined, scratched and paintstrippered - done in this way so as not to trigger the car alarms.

We have only one question - Where next?

This action dedicated to Lukas Winkler, Stephanie Träger, Sven Maurer - squatters who fought their eviction in Munich, now imprisoned. Also to all prisoners in struggle - either side of the walls.



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