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Leeds bus strikes over pensions to go ahead

08-12-2006 13:05

Bus drivers at First Leeds will strike in protest at attempts to devalue their hard earned pensions. One thousand drivers, all members of the Transport and General Workers Union, will walk out on 11th, 23rd and 24th December when no buses are expected to run so hitting the lucrative Christmas shopping and leisure period.

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Kalyx to pay Home Office £5 million for 'Contractual failures' at Harmondsworth

08-12-2006 12:35

It emerged on Wednesday that Kalyx who manage Harmondsworth IRC, which was wrecked in a riot last week, are to pay the Home Office £5,096,000 for 'contractual failures'.

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TURKEY: Conscientious objector Halil Savda arrested

08-12-2006 12:18

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On 7 December, Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda (TK14682) has been arrested while attending trial at the Corlu Military Court.

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Public Meeting this Sunday on 19/3/07 Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond

08-12-2006 11:43

The common call to action to make March 19th 2007 a global day of action against the war on terror, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion, followed by a proposed response to be discussed at a public meeting at ULU, London, in Room 3E on the 10th December from 2-6pm. Please circulate widely.

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Voices of Torture in London

08-12-2006 11:30

Last night at the regular rampART social centre cinema night a disapointingly small audience was treated to a series of film being presented under the theme 'alternative black history month'.

Along with the films was a illuminating discussion about deportation, torture and the awful human rights abuse in Eritrea. Coincidently we also learned of a demonstration called for today outside the Eritrean embassy to commemorate The International Human Rights Day.

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They say that the torture is effective

08-12-2006 10:38

Eduardo Galeano
7/12/2006 - They say that the torture is effective. But it has been applied massively to hundred of migliaia of persons in Algeria, Vietnam, Latin America, and it has not prevented neither the defeat of the French colonial power, neither the umiliazione of the North American imperial power, neither the fall of the Latin American military dictatorships.

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“OAXACA” from Above and Below

08-12-2006 10:11

The Other Campaign in the North of Mexico: Saying “Oaxaca” from Above and Below


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Programming the Russian revolution

08-12-2006 09:56


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New York WTC collapse survivor gave public account

08-12-2006 00:37

On the evening of Monday 27 November 2006, William Rodriguez addressed
a public meeting of a hundred or so at in the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy
Street, London on the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York
where he was working on 11 September 2001.

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The Battle for Ungdomshuset - The Movie

07-12-2006 19:59

The Battle for Ungdomshuset - The Movie

An anonymous movie maker have created a little propaganda piece ind defence of the eviction-threatened autonomous center in Denmark Ungdomshuset.

The movie is Four minutes long and kan be considered an emotional defence of the Place. Its translated into english and German.

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Green Seniors : Launch Of A New Concept

07-12-2006 18:41

Green Seniors launched on Friday 1st December. Here is a little about what we hope will mobilise a completely different type of environmental campaigner.

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The Problem With...Christmas

07-12-2006 18:33

Christmas - a time for peace, happiness and family; a time to sell vast quantities of seasonal goods, toys and cheap electrical items. What is it that people love about Christmas, and is that being taken away from us for the sake of a retail dream?

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Police raids in Istanbul, Turkey

07-12-2006 15:13

Raids on various premises by police

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Zionism, What's it all about

07-12-2006 14:50

One Anarchist's point of view about Zionism,
I would quite like to have some dialogue here, so please leave a comment, criticise everything I say if you feel you should

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EDO's Fans Sabotaged

07-12-2006 14:41

EDO are a company producing weapons for the 'US and its allies'

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New powers for baliffs if Government inittative gets its way:

07-12-2006 14:40

Citizens Advice launches campaign to tackle unfair bailiff practices

see the paragraph about 'Draft Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill,'

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Smash EDO Blockaders in Court

07-12-2006 14:21

Three protesters had their first hearing in Brighton Magistrates today after blockading EDO MBM, Brighton

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Photos of Smash EDO Masquerade

07-12-2006 14:14

Yesterday Smash EDO held a victory masked ball to celebrate EDO's dismal performance in 2006

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Cleaners Fast for Justice outside Royal Bank of Scotland. Call for Support

07-12-2006 13:33

Starting Monday 11th Dec, a group of cleaners from the TGWU Justice for Cleaners campaign will be spending several days without food, sitting outside the headquarters of one of UK's richest banks, demanding a fair deal.