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Picket of Border and Immigration Agency, Cardiff - Nov 6th

04-11-2007 23:24

A third picket is planned for the Cardiff branch of the Home Office's 'Border and Immigration Agency'...

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badgers die in pain at go;f club

04-11-2007 23:13

badgers die so people can play golf .

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Activist killed on GM action

04-11-2007 23:12

Call for day of action on 8th November in solidarity with Brazilian GM activists after shootings on anti-GM land squat in Brazil

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Webster G Tarpley presentation Leeds Thursday 8th

04-11-2007 22:59

Webster is one of the liveliest and the best of the renowned 9/11 truthers, and his book "9/11 - Synthetic Terror - Made in the USA" is fundamental in viewing false flag terrorism as a motivating force in history
Webster is appearing at LEEDS, Thursday 8th November, 7pm - Lecture Theatre B2, Lesley Silver Building, Leeds Metropolitan University, Civic Quarter Campus, CalverleyStreet, Leeds, LS1 3HE. - Ticketline 07733 323841

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Bath Bomb Issue 4 out now!

04-11-2007 22:04

Bath Bomb page 1.......
here it is - the 4th edition of Baths premiere radical tabaliod - drop us an e-mail if you want to recieve BB monthly online - Enjoy!

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Anarchy, how stupid is that?

04-11-2007 20:49

Is anarchy stupid ?

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Bashing the Rich!

04-11-2007 17:21

Well, they said it couldn't happen ... and they were nearly right, but the Class War Bash the Rich march was held in Notting Hil yesterday and has been cautiously considered a success.

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Cardiff: Stop The War On Terror Meeting

04-11-2007 16:54


Wednesday 7 November at 7 pm, Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)

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New Video Documents Looting in Nahr al-Bared Camp

04-11-2007 12:07

In May 2007 Nahr al Bared Refugee Camp, home to over 40,000 Palestinian refugees, became the site of a 4-month battle between the Lebanese Army and extremist group Fatah al-Islam.

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November 10th. Anti Separation Wall Action in Cornmarket

04-11-2007 12:04


Please join Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Oxford Women in Black and others for a vigil to mark the International Day of Action against the separation wall in Palestine

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Climate Action in Dover

04-11-2007 11:42

In the early hours of sunday morning, climate activists made a bold statement about
global warming...

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Bonnie & Clyde Benefit For Leeds ABC

04-11-2007 10:01

The Law thought they'd done for Bonnie & Clyde, but the lovers and desperados are still able to lend a hand to a Leeds ABC benefit in support of our pardners behind bars.

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Show Master Democracy or Social forum in exSU

04-11-2007 09:14

What happened on 3rd of December to the vital Russian-Ukrainean Social movements in Moscow is hopefully just a warning case. If not, the show-down of the Moscow meeting at the posh club “Bi-Lingua” yesterday proves that the Forum process in the former Soviet Union is about to be high-jacked by a professorial self-made man. => How can we restitute the power of direct democracy and participatory conversion in our movement?

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Webster Tarpley: It's over

04-11-2007 05:51

And if any of you out there thinks he's still worth it, you haven't been paying attention...attacking peace activists, and then your own, is just not on...

Webster Tarpley: Your services will no longer be required

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Webster Tarpley: when you thought it couldn't get worse...

04-11-2007 05:46

..his new, bestest mate is Captain May--who's either the anti-semite he sounds like, or too gormless to be trusted to talk about certain issues with any subtlety...:

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Webster Tarpley's folly: The Kennebunkport Hoax

04-11-2007 05:26

He used to be respected in 911 Truth, but now he's been sacked:

We don't need leaders who spread hoaxes...and we really don't need them lecturing us about Guy Fawkes and 9/11 as Tarpley will start doing in a couple of days...

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Webster Tarpley's Hoax: The Kennebunkport Warning

04-11-2007 05:17

He's touring the UK, supposedly helping 9/11 Truth, but watch out--the man has a history of spreading disinformation....if you're planning to go to Tarpley's Guy Fawkes/911 speech read this first, and demand answers.

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University of Essex students demonstrate against the military

04-11-2007 05:00

A few dozen students at the University of Essex came together this week to protest at the military recruiting on their campus. This direct action is part of the University students on going campaign to stop the war in Iraq and stop the University investing students money in the Arms Trade.

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Children 4 Peace - authorise or not?

03-11-2007 23:59

Apparently, the police want to interrogate my Maranda as to her understanding of SOCPA - WTF???