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badgers die in pain at go;f club

unessecery badger killing at erewash golfcourse | 04.11.2007 23:13 | Animal Liberation | Other Press | World

badgers die so people can play golf .

badgers are being given paracetamol tabs in apples so the wealthy can play golf /erewas golf course in sandiacre derby .have badgers coming on the golfcourse .so local landscape gardner .well known told me he has been drilling holes in apples rolling them down the sets .the badgers eat them .and die in pain over a period of time./all this sffering so man can enjoy a game of golf .and not put his foot in a hole a badger has dug 4 worms .to feed its young .man is so cruel it is so uneccesary .there are less harmful ways to move them on defra dont want to know .mney and enterprise come first /boucott this course put banners up to expose it /pete derby animal lover

unessecery badger killing at erewash golfcourse
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  2. for your info — bad spelling pisses me off as do crap replies to intelligent posts
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  4. I expect it's happening everywhere — Rach
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  6. badgers being poisoned at golfcorse — peter ambler