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Bashing the Rich!

riotact | 04.11.2007 17:21 | London

Well, they said it couldn't happen ... and they were nearly right, but the Class War Bash the Rich march was held in Notting Hil yesterday and has been cautiously considered a success.

Around 2/250 people gathered on Portobello Road whilst confused cops bimbled around trying to spot the evil anarchists. At around 3pm the march left in the direction of Cameron's house and the scale of the police presence became evident. Undeterred the demonstration continued, despite being flanked on all sides by hyped up, jumpy cops who were quick to resort to violence.

Reaching a stones throw from Cameron's house, where the chinless one was reportedly hiding under his bed, the demonstration remained in good spirits with occasional chants of 'we gotta get rid of the rich', and a rousing ode to good old Harry Roberts.

Fitwatch made a fine job of winding up the FIT team, although there were a handful of arrests, including someone for sitting in the road after the police penned the demonstration in at Ladbroke Grove. Several folk managed to avoid the kettle, some dispersing into the streets (pubs) of Notting Hill with others tailgating the march.

Finally the demonstration arrived at Meanwhile Gardens where the old bill retreated to spend the rest of the evening driving round Notting Hill snarling at people.

One toff passed on the route was Oxbridge twat Rik Mayall, who showed his true colours by giving a nazi salute as the march passed by.

And whilst the Notting Hill bourgeois were hardly choking on their lattes it was all in all a good day out, and very much a new beginning as opposed to a stand alone event.

As one person said at the end of the march, as anarchists, if we aren't on the street then we aren't anywhere and was was good to see so many old faces and some new ones.

All in all we counted 5 arrests, at least two of the arrestees were released without charge on Saturday evening.

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