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Blair's crime crusade must be exposed fully on facts of inner city disaster

23-06-2006 19:44

Tony Blair made more trips to Tower Hamlets than to any comparable London borigh in the run up to the 5 May 2005 elections. His cronies laid hustings seigte in the borigh in the run up to 4 May 2006 council elecytions. Blair has now turned certrain 'mosques' in inner cities into de facto HQs for racist propagnaada. Nowhere is this more acutely in action than in the Bethmnal green and Bow Coisntituency

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Tinsley house demo tomorrow Saturday 24th

23-06-2006 19:25

People are detained who are not even suspected of any crime.
Men, women & children *no automatic right to bail* detained with no time limits.

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Activism at a deportation camp in Norway

23-06-2006 18:25

This morning activists from Norway and refugees, having the information that norwegian government will deport 2 afghan refugees back to Afghanistan, gathered at the deportation camp of Trandum in order to stop the deportation.

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The First US Army Officer to Refuse Iraq Deployment

23-06-2006 17:57

"I am whole-heartedly opposed to the continued war in Iraq, the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership."

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Bring the Troops Home - Rose Gentle Meeting Monday 3rd July

23-06-2006 17:24

Stop the War public meeting
Bring the troops home and building for the Manchester Demo
Friends Meeting House 7.30pm
We hope Rose will be joined by local military families campaigner Sarah Chapman and one of stop the wars national committee.

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Democracy and its Despisers

23-06-2006 17:10

Characteristics earlier ascribed to totalitarianism like control of a whole social life by the state can now be considered typical for modern democracies.. The whole democratic life degenerates to a kind of market.. The call is for a good democracy against democracy destroying itself.

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Terrorists invade Parliament Square!!!

23-06-2006 15:34

In the mouth of terror.....
Yesterday despite the courageous efforts of Ian and Tony Blair, terrorists were able to assemble outside parliament and engage in illegal activity. Unbelievably the MET who are seen as world leaders in the fight against terror had licensed the event to happen!

A MET spokesman said: “Obviously this a blow to morale after our successes in Stockwell and Forest Gate, but we will learn from this and ensure that we are ready for them next time”. The incident happened when a protest was booked to support the PKK’s demands for human rights in Kurdistan. Bungling plods failed to notice that the PKK are illegal under recent terror legislation and so put already terrified Londoners lives at risk.

Life long Daily Mail reader Mrs Edna Agast said: “I don’t what my inheritance tax is going on? They clearly have not shot enough people yet, they only wounded the last one. It’s just political correctness gone mad!” Readers of The Sun are said to be organizing a campaign of direct action in protest at the MET’s incompetence. Meanwhile the Daily Mail are setting up a helpline for Londoners worried about their house prices.

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Close Down Sandford House Reporting Centre!

23-06-2006 15:25

The following audio file is an interview with a Zimbabwean woman (who unsurprisingly wishes to remain anonymous) who tells us about her experiences of being detained whilst signing at Sandford House Home Office Reporting Centre in Solihull and taken to Yarlswood detention centre.

There is a regular monthly protest on the last friday of the month at Solihull's Home Office Reporting Centre from 12pm - 2pm, called by Birmingham Noborders and Birmingham's Anti-Racist Campaign - details of the protest are below.

The music in the report is by Vince and the percussion by John. You can hear this song along with others including film, poetry, discussion and live bands at the Birmingham Noborders benefit on the evening of the monthly demo at Sandford House - Friday 30th June, 8pm - 2am at the Spotted Dog in Digbeth Birmingham.

In the interview she describes how she was snatched and abused by yellow jacketed 'escorts' whilst signing at Sandford House and subsequently taken to the immigration prison that is Yarlswood detention centre.

She tells of her experiences in Yarlswood and the unimaginable state of limbo thousands of Refugees experience whilst awaiting a decision from the Home Office. She also tells of the horror of a young woman who was forcibly deported whilst naked from Yarlswood and who was filmed by the detention centre staff. The Home Office later denied they had abused and filmed the detainee.

Please come and show your anger and disgust at the Border Regime on Friday 30th June at Solihull's Home Office Reporting Centre.

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23-06-2006 15:07

GMB Shop Stewards National Council agree programme of industrial action including an initial period of 5 consecutive days strike to be followed by comprehensive further industrial action

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The trustor the CIA said was dead, seeks $70 Trillion...

23-06-2006 14:21

LONDON & 'The City' - The integrity of the international banking system is on the line this week. This is because the behavior of certain banks is being closely watched by a team of informed observers who are privy to scandals that the banks in question hope can still be swept under their plush boardroom carpets.

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solidarity gathering at square this morning - pics

23-06-2006 13:30

friendly looking guard dog
russell square, the five month old london squatted social centre, faces eviction. this morning, around thirty supporters waited outside the building to greet the bailliffs.

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Boycott Israeli Goods - National Day of Action - 24 June 2006

23-06-2006 11:52

Boycott Israeli Goods - National Day of Action - 24 June 2006

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Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign Call for Boycott Israeli Goods

23-06-2006 11:31

Part of the national call for Boycott Action on Saturdy June 24th

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Israeli government makes Palestinian Jerusalemites foreigners in their city

23-06-2006 09:09

The Israeli government announced recently that it would restrict the right of Palestinian citizens who hold foreign passports, in addition to their required Israeli-issued ID and Palestinian passports, to live in Jerusalem, the future capital of the Palestinian state. The
government will require all Palestinian holders of foreign passports to leave the country every three months in order to obtain a visa, as is the case for any foreigner. Obtaining the visa is dependent on two factors: one is the mood of the soldiers on duty occupying the borders, and the second is what is written in the computer. Many foreigners and Palestinians have inexplicable black-marks next to their names, which makes their entry extremely difficult. Some are required to spend hours with Israeli interrogators before gaining entrance, while others are not allowed entrance at all. Others still breeze through without question.

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23-06-2006 08:57

We make a call to action to all students, workers, and social fighters worldwide to either come here in Athens on the 27th of June, or to blockade or take over embassies, consulates or other buildings of importance for the Greek state!

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Olmert: “Targeted killings will resume despite civilian casualties”

23-06-2006 08:39

sraeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at an economic conference in Jerusalem that he instructed the Israeli army to resume the targeted killing policy against resistance fighters in the Palestinian territories despite the large number of civilian casualties, including children, who died in recent Israeli military assaults.
Olmert said that the associations will not stop and “apologize” for civilian death and threatened to continue shelling Gaza and targeting resistance fighters there.

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Mission Accomplished? I don't think so

23-06-2006 04:11

We're seeing the first signs that the American mainstream media is begining to report that there are questions about September 11. And will try to manipulate the argument away from US Government onto the Saudis and Islamic Fudamentalists.
There's also evidence that American TV viewers are moving away from NeoCon media outlets such as FoxNews.

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Australia - Peacekeeper or Petroleum Predator in Timor

23-06-2006 02:39

Blocked by the Australian military
In 2005, the Alkatiri government was reported to have entered into negotiations with Petro China to build oil refining facitilies in East Timor, which would undermine Australian plans to build a refinery in the northern Australian city of Darwin to process all Timor Sea oil from both sides of the border. East Timor president Xanana Gusmao was to visit China this month to cement the deal, but this has been blocked by the Australian military.

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In Singapore, World Bank Seeks Street Protests

23-06-2006 01:45

if demonstrations are banned
For her, public participation on the streets outside the meeting's venue ''is the only available option for the victims of the Bank's programmes to protest. The meeting's credibility will suffer if demonstrations are banned.''

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Sequani 'Biohazard' Demo - Ledbury - 08.07.06

23-06-2006 00:49

BIOHAZARD - Definition:
"Infectious agents that present a risk or potential risk to the health
of humans or other animals, either directly through infection or
indirectly through damage to the environment."