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Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign Call for Boycott Israeli Goods

PSC | 23.06.2006 11:31 | Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco | Anti-militarism | London | Sheffield

Part of the national call for Boycott Action on Saturdy June 24th

Israel's barcode prefix 729

Boycott Israeli Goods!

This Saturday, 24 June, is the Boycott Israeli Goods national day of action.

After years of diplomatic and political efforts aimed at persuading Israel
to end its illegal occupation of Palestine, while watching the occupation grow ever stronger and more permanent, the need for a boycott of Israel becomes increasingly urgent.

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign has held two protests over the last month in Sheffield city centre highlighting the plight of the Palestinians and calling for a comprehensive boycott of Israel.

We call on all supporters to help build on this campaign by boycotting these goods and also drawing to the attention of their friends and colleagues this boycott - at home, the workplace and at play.

Israeli goods are everywhere eg: Danone, Jaffa, Carmel, many dead sea beauty products, herbs, avocados and citrus fruits in all of our supermarkets, etc. (See links below for more comprehensive lists)

Also beware products that are labelled Made in Palestine - these are often made in Israeli colonies within the West Bank. Settlement products are banned by the EU from exploiting the favourable tariffs afforded to producers from within Israel and are also prevented from labelling the produce as 'Made in Israel.' However these products are now often labelled 'Made in Palestine' - some people have been caught out by this ruse thinking they are in fact supporting Palestinian producers! These products often also list the producer name, Agrexco (Agricultural Exporting Company Limited - otherwise known as Carmel) and often have Hebrew lettering.

Very best wishes from all at Sheffield PSC.


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