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Anti-Squatting MP hosts DJ Fatboy Slim at Commons

14-02-2013 12:11

The same MP who has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) that calls on owners of commercial property to have the same rights as owners of residential premises when it comes to removing squatters - (protections in England & Wales which came into law on 1st Sept 2012 applying to residential property only and which were also originally promoted by him) - has invited musician and DJ Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) to play an unprecendented set at The House of Commons on the 6th March!!! .

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Another village under threat

14-02-2013 11:30

The Palestinian village of Susya, which has been through numerous demolitions and forced expulsions, beginning in 1986, is facing yet another threat to its existence. This time, the fate of the entire village lays in the hands of Israel’s Supreme Court.

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Why has this massive story of global importance been removed from the web ?

14-02-2013 11:26

It exposes an alleged Problem-Reaction-Solution chemical attack in Syria that would be blamed on President Assad to justify military action against him and his regime.

Visitors to this website know that this is happening all the time and 9/11 was the most famous example, but here was a British national newspaper publishing the story.

Now it has gone. Do you think you could explain why Daily Mail? If there was a denial as there would have to be why is that not simply printed with the original story?

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G4S protest

14-02-2013 11:24

Activists censure G4S role in torture of Palestinians

Human rights activists protest at G4S firm’s role in human rights abuses.

Concerned activists have staged a protest outside the London headquarters of security company G4S over its complicity in the illegal detention and torture of Palestinian children in the Israeli regime’s prisons.

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Obama shares the blame

14-02-2013 11:21

Obama ‘Green-Lit’ Israeli Attack on Syria

Reports surrounding Wednesday’s Israeli attack on Syria were full of conflicting stories about what was hit, and it turns out they were all correct, as officials now confirm that “several targets” were hit by Israeli warplanes in the attack.

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Israel Plans Attack To Create And Occupy 10 Mile "Buffer Zone" Inside Syria

14-02-2013 11:19

ISRAEL is considering creating a buffer zone reaching up to 10 miles inside Syria

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Unlawful Killing

14-02-2013 11:16

How the royal family have got away with it so long - the blatant cover up of what happened to Princess Diana superbly exposed in this banned documentary, Unlawful Killing

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Israel bulldozes West Bank homes: video

14-02-2013 11:14

Israeli bulldozers on Tuesday demolished two West Bank homes under the pretext that they were built without permits, local media reported.

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Israel violates Lebanon's airspace - again !!!

14-02-2013 11:11

As long as the Israeli warplanes are violating the Lebanese airspace without any response or any reaction from the United Nations and from the UNIFIL (the UN Interim Force in Lebanon), which is in South Lebanon, Israel may use the Lebanese airspace again to launch an aerial attack against any other target in Syria.”

In a Friday interview with Press TV, Elias Farhat lashed out at the UN for emboldening Tel Aviv by keeping silence over Israel’s aggression against the Lebanese airspace.

“As long as the Israeli warplanes are violating the Lebanese airspace without any response or any reaction from the United Nations and from the UNIFIL (the UN Interim Force in Lebanon), which is in South Lebanon, Israel may use the Lebanese airspace again to launch an aerial attack against any other target in Syria,” he said.

“Lebanese government has to raise this issue with the Security Council because Israel uses our airspace to attack a third country which is an aggression; an act of aggression using our airspace,” the analyst stated.

Farhat pointed to Israel’s attack on a research center near the Syrian capital, Damascus, on January 30, and warned that if the Israeli violation of the Lebanese airspace continues, similar attacks against Syria can be expected in the future.

On Thursday, at least 12 Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace, conducting several illegal flights over the country.

Lebanon's military often reports airspace violations by Israeli aircraft but does not usually open fire on them. The Israeli military claims the flights serve surveillance purposes.

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State Terror

14-02-2013 11:09

State terror is official Israeli policy. Community incursions, assaults, and other violent incidents occur daily. Palestinian suffering follows.

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Hundreds in road protest

14-02-2013 11:07

Hundreds of Palestinian people have held a demonstration against Israel’s new road project in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

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Call for boycott

14-02-2013 11:06

Call for Israeli Agricultural Produce Boycott
By Eva Bartlett

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Britain nurtures Israeli regime’s illegal settlements irrespective of intl. law

14-02-2013 11:02

British trade with the Israeli regime’s agricultural companies has been helping to make illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories more economically viable, a new research has found.

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More Israeli crimes

14-02-2013 11:00

Moshe Dayan is the former Israeli defense minister who, using the strength of the Israeli army, pillaged countless artifacts — dating from the Ottoman era to the time before Christ — from Gaza, in an effort to erase Palestinian history.

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US controlled Syria opposition pledges allegiance to Israel

14-02-2013 10:57

Leader of the foreign-backed Syrian opposition coalition Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib (a known CIA asset) has confirmed that they have close links to Israel

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Court rules Government back-to-work scheme is forced labour

14-02-2013 10:55

The DWP have suffered a crushing defeat after a university graduate and a mechanic took them to court over being forced to do

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The Earth is being poisened

14-02-2013 10:52

Chemtrails are trails of substances sprayed from devices attached on aircraft into the upper atmosphere and into the air we breathe. They differ from the condensation trails sometimes seen emanating from planes in a number of ways, including that they often linger in the sky for more than half-an-hour, and can fill an otherwise clear-blue sky with an unnatural-looking cloud cover within which the tell-tale signs of electromagnetic gravity waves emerge.

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Taylor v's Kirby 2015

14-02-2013 09:51

Taylor v's Kirby 2015
Matt Taylor from Brighton, has declared his intention to stand against the Kemptown Brighton MP, Simon Kirby in the 2015 General Election.

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Nonviolent Resistance in the U.S. to Drone Warfare

14-02-2013 09:27

VID Brian Terrell, Catholic Worker presently serving 6 months in U.S.prison for nonviolent resistance to drone warfare...
*Write solidarity letters or postcards to
Brian Terrell 06125-026 ,FPC Yankton, POB 700, Yankton, SD 57078. U.S.A.
(Convicted of trespass at drone protest, Whiteman AFB, Missouri u.s.a.

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14-02-2013 05:52

Whenever the EDL and their fascist kind come out to play, (albeit in diminished numbers) the maggot larvae of organised racial hatred crawl out of the woodwork throughout social media, people most of the time silent about politics and such like, all of a sudden, inexplicably pop up, out of character, openly lending their support to the neo-nazi scum.