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Where is the Press in Colombian War?

07-03-2002 01:53

As I have said all along. It is the state which murders and lies with the support of the corporate mass media and even certain so-called "alternative media" who jump on the Bush-Blair propaganda campaign. If you know Colombian history, better still, if you know Latin American political history, you will also know that communism is not a big country somewhere in Eastern Europe or U.S. corporations in China, but a serious alternative to dying capitalism in Latin America. VIVA FARC Y EL MOVIMIENTO BOLIVARIANO!

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Political reaction and intellectual charlatanry: US academics issue statement in

07-03-2002 01:34

Intellectual sophistry in support of Anglo-American War mongering.

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Enron: Ultimate agent of the American empire

07-03-2002 01:26

Enron is not an isolated scandal nor is it an aberration. It is a symtom of an American (and indeed capitalist) system diseased to the core.

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06-03-2002 23:54

No more subsidies against third world imports!

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Kissinger says China's not communist

06-03-2002 23:38

Well China does produce an awful lot of plastic shit that falls into our hands, especially if we have kids. It's supplanted Hong Kong and Taiwan as the source of most plastic trivia,and contributor to McDonalds, mostly made by slave labour. And they enforce a low birth rate. Perfect state for a eugenicist war criminal like Kissinger, visting the UK soon.

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India : Beginning of the end ?

06-03-2002 22:25

Recent communal riots in India indicate that Balkanization of India has begun already. Historically, never a single country, India is heading fast toward disintegration. The end is in sight now.

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Bin Laden bin gone to Iraq?

06-03-2002 22:00

Well, that sounds most convenient. Tortured in Afghanistan, the tortured Bin Laden chef, almost begging to take that plane to Cuba, says that the stern quail-crunching Bin Laden has almost cerainly found solace and support in Iraq. From its little headline in the CSM, this story seems likely to grow!

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Protest in solidarity with the people of Argentina.

06-03-2002 19:33

Protest in solidarity with the people of Argentina.

SATURDAY 9TH MARCH 1-3 @ DORMUNT SQUARE OUTSIDE St JOHNS CENTRE (by the statue of the bloke with the barrel)

BRING POTS AND PANS (common protest in Argentina to signify the lack of food) OR ANYTHING TO MAKE A NOISE!

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British Muslim threatens to sue the FBI

06-03-2002 19:14

The following article appeared in the Gloucestershire Echo, Cheltenham on March 5. How many other people have stories like this to tell? Being an ex-public schoolboy, Adeel Akhtar would probably have less difficulty to get his story published than the Guanatamo Camp prisoners. Who can confirm these people aren't victims of ethnic cleansing?

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06-03-2002 18:16

It is about time to call a spade and spade...

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Glasgow Students Rise Up Against Privatisation

06-03-2002 17:26

Today Anarchists, Socialists, and other students at Glasgow University rose up in protest against the planned privatisation of the student halls of residence.

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Climate Change activists take over Conference

06-03-2002 16:09

Climate Change activists take over Conference
Climate change protest pictures

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06-03-2002 15:21

3rd Global Women’s Strike March 8: Invest in Caring Not Killing!
Women sweep the world clean "for a world which values all women’s work & every life and to end ‘America’s new war’ and all wars"

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Gregory Palast on Tony Blair

06-03-2002 14:09

Who is Tony Blair? What are his ambitions for his country? Is he anything more than a vote-winning machine? We sent award-winning investigative journalist Gregory Palast to ferret out the answers. He found in Blair a principled, even fanatical politician, with a
mission to remake his nation. **But at what cost?**

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Urgent Message from Ecuador

06-03-2002 13:50

action against FTAA and Plan Colombia

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post workers announce anti-privatisation demo

06-03-2002 13:35

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has just announced a national demo and rally against Post Office privatisation, in London on 16 March. Could be big! Details here:

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International peace meeting in Barcelona2003

06-03-2002 13:19

In the summer of 2003, in the Catalan capital (Barcelona), there will be a international peace meeting. People from all over the world be be geeting together to share experiences, ideias, art, music and to initiate a international debate arround Globalisation .we need people interested to help.

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Ireland: support womens right to choose

06-03-2002 13:07

Announcement forwarded from Irish Abortion Solidarity Campaign; demo outside Irish embassy in London on 4 March, calling for a NO vote in the current referendum in Ireland on strengthening anti-abortion laws. Further details here:

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Defend Asylum Seekers: protest updates

06-03-2002 13:00

Latest demo updates forwarded from Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers:

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Big Brother Awards Results

06-03-2002 12:19

London, 4 March 2002

On March 4, 2002, Privacy International presented the 4th annual UK "Big Brother" awards to the government and private sector organisations that have done the most to invade personal privacy in Britain.