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US Staging ANOTHER Coup in Haiti!

25-02-2004 16:55

Once again, the Imperial Corporate USA is attempting to over throw the Democratically elected government of Haiti, because Jean Bertrand Aristide refuses to tow Washington's corporate line to keep his nation's people impoverished and ENSLAVED for US based corporations!

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ALL Day Benefit Gig-- HELP NEEDED

25-02-2004 15:26

Help needed, im organising an ALL DAY BENEFIT GIG to raise awareness and much needed cash for the road protest movement (esp 9 Ladies)!!!!!

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The BNP makes gains in Stoke

25-02-2004 15:26

The BNP are making inroads down in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. This is despite Staffordshire only having a very small ethnic minority population, with the exception of Wolverhampton in the south. The rise of the BNP seems to be because of the failure of New Labour who have lost a lot of support from its traditional voters.

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Occupied Social Centre - needs urgent help

25-02-2004 13:46

Occupied Social Centre in Kentish Town still needs people urgently. The police will be round sometime between now and the weekend, and we intend to continue our resistance to the eviction.

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BBC Thrown Out of Rented House in Basra - British Army Base Attacked - pictures

25-02-2004 12:49

Here are some pics taken following a mortar attack on CPA South at approximately 5am three days ago. CPA South had been on 'High Alert' for three days prior to the attack. The bombing, in which noone was killed or injured, marks three days of threats and planted bombs in the now increasingly volatile governorate of Barsa. People are getting tired of the occupation and gaining more energy, strength and organisational skills following their trauma under the regime, in order to challenge it.

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!!!MI5 Needs You!!!

25-02-2004 12:27

Hi, MI5 is a little short-staffed right now and we're recruitin' for the London region ;o)

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Filmscreening in Edinburgh about a pirate radio station

25-02-2004 12:24

Join us for the Edinburgh premiere of "Bedroom Radio", Fri March 5th @ 7.30 and 9pm in Nicol Edwards, 29-35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh.

Filmed over a period of 18 months, Bedroom Radio is a story of Pirate radio broadcasting, Love, Life, and Death on a different Scottish frequency.

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The impact of fees

25-02-2004 12:10

Who benefits from access to university? Who will benefit should top up fees be introduced? These are the main questions that have been raised in the recent debate on fees.

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Charge against GCHQ whistleblower dropped

25-02-2004 11:53

google news on "Katharine Gun"

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Victory for Katharine Gun

25-02-2004 11:13

Liberty is delighted that the Government has decided to drop the case against Katharine Gun, the GCHQ whistleblower.

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Kerala State Govt rules against Coca-Cola on water extraction

25-02-2004 09:43

The regional government for the Indian state of Kerala on Tuesday told Coca Cola to cease drawing water from wells in Plachimada after the village's officials complained that the company was depleting scarce supplies.

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5 million peace march Israel / Palestine juli 2005

25-02-2004 08:27

Join the peace march to Jerusalem juli 2005, tjeck:

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DAVID KELLY was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider

25-02-2004 01:48

No one gave Blair a license to kill!
IN INFORMATION WITHHELD BY THE BRITISH PRESS, shocking new details about the death of Dr David Kelly emerged today exclusively on the Alex Jones radio show. Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer who was a guest on the show, revealed that
sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered.

Shrimpton spoke in depth about the details of Kelly's murder on 17th July 2003...

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Amnesty: UK Must Scrap Internment

25-02-2004 01:41

United Kingdom: Scrap internment
Wednesday, 25 February 2004, 9:16 am
Press Release: Amnesty International

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24-02-2004 23:38

Hooray, Blackwood (St Davids woods) has got a temporary reprieve- a weeks adjournment on the possession / eviction case to give us time to get our defence together. The camps, and the ancient woodland they protect, are safe for the next few days so we have time to get the treehouses up!!

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blackwood court case weeks adjournment

24-02-2004 22:50


Hooray, Blackwood (St Davids woods) has got a temporary reprieve- a week’s adjournment on the possession / eviction case to give us time to get our defence together. The camps, and the ancient woodland they protect, are safe for the next few days – so we have time to get the treehouses up!!

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Update on five jailed Israeli conscripts

24-02-2004 21:32

Update on five jailed Israeli conscripts and Yoni Ben Artzi

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Ralph Nader and Michael Peroutka Terrify the U. S. Establishment

24-02-2004 21:26

Ralph Nader and the Constitution Party's Michael Peroutka announce Presidential candidacies on a February weekend which terrifies the establishments of both major American political parties. The outcome of the Presidential election in the first Tuesday in November may hang in the balance.

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Women of Palestine - guest speakers Hadeel Qazzaz and Karma Nabulsi

24-02-2004 21:19

This afternoon of discussion, with Palestinian handicrafts and food, should prove extremely interesting. It has been organized by the Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace (NOW)in association with the Oxford-Ramallah Friendship Association (ORFA). The event marks the launch of Oxford International Women's Festival 2004, which will continue until March 30. Even chaps are welcome!

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Progressive Radio Station Shut Down by Free Traders

24-02-2004 20:41

Radio for Peace International (RFPI) one of the few world wide progressive short wave voices broadcasting to rural and third world communities has been evicted by the UN’s University for Peace (U-Peace) in Cost Rica.