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The Distilled Evil

31-10-2005 21:48

An oldie but goodie from the early years of the IMC International site. Happy Halloween.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour dates

31-10-2005 21:06

Here is a list of the dates and venues for the Rossport solidarity speaking tour

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Possible travel ban on protestors

31-10-2005 19:54

Report claiming the UK is considering using restraining orders to stop animal rights protestors from travelling abroad. Probably be anti-capitalists next.......

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31-10-2005 19:03


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"July 7 Tube bomber" argued with cashier

31-10-2005 19:00

So in a story where officials state that these men didn't act like bombers, the Independent still refers to them as suicide bombers, without using the usual "alleged" or "accused", and even though no actual solid evidence identifies them as such.

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Cervical Cancer Vaccine as a social issue

31-10-2005 18:05

reposting from portland imc metro.. ongoing issues..

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31-10-2005 17:47

By deliberately confusing assets that can be *produced*
with assets that can only be *acquired*, modern economics
laid the ideological foundation for unemployment, poverty,
inequality, and the looming global depression.

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BAE systems Band in Chatham,Kent Nov26th

31-10-2005 17:39

The BAE Systems band is due in Chatham,Kent end Nov- demos anyone ?

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29th November. Protest + critical mass against airport expansion

31-10-2005 17:18

From November 28th - 30th, over 300 airline executives from all over the world will gather in London to discuss how to expand the aviation industry. Meanwhile, aviation is now the fastest growing cause of climate change, and transport is the only area of energy use in which greenhouse emissions are increasing rather than falling.

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Guy Debord's letters 1957-1972

31-10-2005 15:32

never-before-translated into English: the best parts of four books of letters by Guy Debord

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Weekend flights to double at Farnborough Airport?

31-10-2005 14:32

airbus A340 landing at Farnborough July 2002
TAG Aviation have applied to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport from 2,500 per annum to 5,000 per annum.

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Urgent: Narmada Dam Threat-Solidarity Action Needed

31-10-2005 14:30

Urgent: Indian Government threatens to raise the dam
Call for International Solidarity Actions: 27th Nov. 05

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Petition to the Birmingham Council Meeting Nov 1st 2005

31-10-2005 14:27

A group of concerned and affected citizens of Birmingham met on Monday the 24th October 2005, to discuss the events of the prior weekend where at least two people lost their lives, many were injured, several seriously and residents and traders' properties were damaged or destroyed, some of which still remain vulnerable to future damage or destruction. All this occurred in response to the alleged rape of a young woman. The meeting started with a minute's silence for those who lost their lives in the weekend's events.

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Halloween Anti-Arms Trade Actions - London & Brighton

31-10-2005 14:22

another satisfied customer
The ghouls are having a party in London tonight, and taking Brighton protesters are in court tomorrow so let's give them a fright to remember.

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The Peace & Unity initiative: Birmingham Unity Posters

31-10-2005 14:21

With reference to the recent disturbances in the North Birmingham areas.

Please support this peace and unity initiative by printing the attached posters and displaying them in your local community/youth centres, shops, on the streets and forwarding them onto your email lists

We thank you for your co-operation in these difficult times.

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G8 and Data Protection Act Information requests

31-10-2005 14:18

I think it’s time to do Data Information Requests to the Scottish Police involved in the G8 supression - and to the National Public Order Intelligence Unit where gossip and tittle tattle is held on people suspected of expressing themselves

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Killing Each Other

31-10-2005 14:12

I was reminded this week at a film showing of ‘Handsworth Songs’ by a colleague, ‘Oppressed people internalize their oppressor’s contempt for them, acting on it first by killing each other,’ quoting Franz Fanon. Immigrant communities have always felt segregations amongst each other since their arrival into the ghettos of major European cities. Whether it is the streets of Birmingham or Paris, the children of immigrants feel unrepresented, isolated and generally ignored by mainstream society. They are often dealing with poverty, unemployment and racism.

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31-10-2005 13:54


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UK's Heritage Watchdog performs u-turn for the corporate profit.

31-10-2005 13:04

Thornborough Henges
As suggested in IndyMedia last month, Tarmac Northern Ltd have been able to persuade English Heritage that corporate profit is more important that Britain's heritage. English Heritage have caved in on their insistence for a proper investigation and now only wish to see minimal investigation to avoid a total loss of face.

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Jo Wilding in Iraq film screening - Sunday November 6th

31-10-2005 12:41

oxford indymedia presents:

"A Letter to the Prime Minister - Jo Wilding's Diary from Iraq"

+ Iraqi eye-witness speaker

7.30pm - Sunday November 6th

East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road & Princes St

Entrance £3/£2