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dublin video

10-05-2004 17:24

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10-05-2004 17:08

"Can a simple mind like Bush distinguish between terrorism and other religions? When it is the firm unshakable belief of a person that there is only one God, only his God, and he feels `chosen' by this God, how much openness will he bring for other ways of looking at things? How much tolerance can anyone completely convinced of the uniqueness of his God show other gods and their followers?.."

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The Role - Open Letter to the Troops

10-05-2004 17:01

An excellent article reposted from

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99% of Labour supporters say hunting should not be the Government's priority

10-05-2004 16:57

A new NOP poll commissioned by the Countryside Alliance has found that 99% of Labour supporters think that there are more important issues for the Government to tackle than hunting.

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How the US lost the war in Iraq and other articles

10-05-2004 16:57

Latest headlines and articles from Frontlines, the newspaper of the Left

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Protesters Stop Nuclear Weapons Convoy in Stirling and Balloch

10-05-2004 16:42

Sam on top of a UK nuclear warhead carrier
There were six arrests sunday afternoon as anti-Trident protesters twice stopped a nuclear weapons convoy traveling from Burghfield in England to the warhead storage depot at Coulport on Loch Long, Scotland.

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Copyright vs Community

10-05-2004 16:00

An interesting event on Thursday 20th May at Ravensbourne College, open to all. Speakers: Fravia, Richard Stallman (founder of The GNU Project) and Cory Doctorow from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Tom Hurndall Killer's Trial Starts Today

10-05-2004 15:41

The trial starts today of the soldier indicted for the murder of Tom Hurndall

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Johann Hari in an Age of Opinion Polls

10-05-2004 15:39

How will Johann Hari manage this? As perhaps the most perfect democrat in the world, Hari has constantly abided by his selection of Iraqi opinion poll results so that he now finds himself aligned with those proposing the end of the occupation of Iraq...

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Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross

10-05-2004 14:34

The full text of the February 2004 ICRC report entitled Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the Treatment by the Coalition Forces of Prisoners of War and Other Protected Persons by the Geneva Conventions in Iraq During Arrest, Internment and Interrogation

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Red Pepper to Launch Charter for the Minority Press

10-05-2004 14:03

Dear Indymedia. Red Pepper, independent green-left magazine is ten years old this year and to mark this achievement against all the odds, we have co-written a Charter for the Minority Press with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom. We are launching this Charter on Thursday May 13, 11.45am - 1.30pm at the ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Nash Room, 12 Carlton House Terrace Entrance, SW1Y 5AH.

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Abu Graib Macht Frei???

10-05-2004 13:47

What happens when one thinks while using msn messenger

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WITNESS APPEAL - bush demo 20th nov

10-05-2004 11:38

WITNESS APPEAL Anti Bush demonstration Thursday 20th nov 2004.
On the evening of nov 20th during the anti-bush demonstration 3 people were arrested & charged with various public order offences. They are all arrested on lower regents street. We are urgently looking for people who were on & around the area with or following the samba band.

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BNP Candidate Published Nazi Books

10-05-2004 10:42

Coverage in the local paper
The British National Party’s candidate for Bradford’s Wyke ward has been exposed as the publisher of pro-Nazi literature and supplier to an extremist website. BTUC's investigations reveal that James Lewthwaite has spent several years running a small publishing business devoted to producing books on the German Third Reich, with past promotions including a “free Third Reich military music CD” with each order.

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URGENT: Brian Haw "Disappeared" by the Cops

10-05-2004 09:56

Brian Haw at the Downing Street Demo against the Fallujah Massacre, Sun 11/04/04
URGENT: Parliament Square peace campaigner arrested and 3 year protest site broken up in midnight police operation

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Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians

10-05-2004 09:22

The destruction of 24 more East Jerusalem houses clearly illustrates the political agenda driving Israel's relentless demolition policy. As Zaid Hamouri explains, the real issue behind these demolitions is Israel's attempt to alter the demographic make-up of the city.

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TAZ Noborder rivesaltes2004

10-05-2004 09:12

A call in relation to the organization of the NO BORDER TAZ at Rivesaltes, near Perpignan in French Catalonia 2004

from august 20th to the 29th

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Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture!!!

10-05-2004 03:46

While the shutter captured the gruesome horror in graphic detail, it missed capturing the full scope of the incident, as did CBS. This was not an isolated incident. It was not the result of a few rogues. Rather this incident was the result of careful long-term planning. In fact Bush and every other high official of this administration approved of the torture and we have their own words on that

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Most Britons Say U.K. Troops Must Leave Iraq By June 30

10-05-2004 03:31

Most people interviewed, or 55 percent, said British troops should withdraw by June 30, the planned date for the transfer of Iraq's sovereignty to an interim government, with 16 percent supporting an immediate withdrawal