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mayday front page pic

02-05-2002 17:24

mayday front page pic

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Mayday 'Pagan Block' - Green Park Pics

02-05-2002 17:15

pictures from the mayfayre 'terro-ist' pagan celebration and spontaneous ritual event in green park just after midday - people then headed off into mayfair

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Tribute to Neturei Karta (cartoon by Latuff)

02-05-2002 16:18

Tribute to Neturei Karta (cartoon by Latuff)
Click on the link below to know more about Jews against Zionism.

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Police Cavalry Charged Through Alleyway

02-05-2002 14:47

In one of the most bizarre scenes of this (or any) Mayday, police sent horses through "Porno Alley" in Soho just after dark.

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Mayday 2002 Pictures

02-05-2002 14:46

Pictures from mayday 2002: Critical mass, picnic, sex workers demo & police cordons

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Movementoftheimagination Mayday projects in Trafalgar Square

02-05-2002 13:53

Movementoftheimagination Mayday projects in Trafalgar Square –
Put up an open-air exhibition of posters and banners on the back wall of Trafalgar Square, while the 15 foot high Bush-Blair-Berloscunni-Sharon puppet was marching down from Clerkenwell Green. (See pictures).
(article 1)

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The Metropolitan Police Force is a sadistic genius

02-05-2002 13:42

New police tactics pay off

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ANL: oppose BNP at local election counts

02-05-2002 13:31

The Nazi BNP will be sending their (few) activists out to local election counts/declarations tonight in the areas where they're standing, in hopes of getting on telly.

The ANL is asking all anti-racists and anti-fascists in these areas to turn up and show that the BNP do not represent the majority anywhere. Full details on website:

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Newham NUT: against segregated schooling

02-05-2002 13:12

Forwarded from National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns:

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what a great mayday

02-05-2002 12:59

I thought yesterday in Mayfayre was one of the best protests I've ever been on. We' weren't penned in till the end. We stopped traffic, went down streets where there was loads of 'ordinary' people and got to engage with them or at least make our presence felt.

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Colombia: May Day greetings from SINTRAEMCALI

02-05-2002 12:56

Forwarded from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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Wardour street / stop that party!

02-05-2002 12:31

Wardour street / stop that party!
Later in the evenin the samba moved around the area - stilll a great atmophere untill the 'old bill' decice that this fun has just gone on too long, and proceed to shut down the whole of Soho - harrasing anyone they can get their hands on. A little different to how the media reported it today!

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Sex Workers Carnival

02-05-2002 12:23

Sex Workers Carnival
Around 5pm - the Sex workers union held a carnival in Compton street - centre of londons Gay and sex scene - The Rythems of Resistance provided a powerful dance tune with amazing energy - a true celebration.

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Pictures from the union march

02-05-2002 12:20

Pictures from the union march
Here are some pictures of the union march as it reached Trafalgar square - imagine a nice atmosphere, diverse crowd, and speeches in the background...

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02-05-2002 12:16

Despite the predictions of the police and the media, the ‘Mayday in Mayfair’ protests passed off peacefully as the protestors intended. The massive police operation is now revealed as a total waste of money.

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Tea & Cucumber Mayday Soiree

02-05-2002 11:40

Tea & Cucumber Mayday Soiree
The awfully nice chaps at NOT CRICKET decided it was high time the people learnt a thing or two about light snacks and protesting dress code. Fed up with the American coffee rot at Starbucks that everyone seems to be drinking we decided to dish out some good old tea & cucumber sandwiches to the protesting masses. (article 1)

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02-05-2002 11:36

Today's largely peaceful Mayday protests degenerated into rioting as masked anarchists went on a rampage through central London, damaging property and attacking members of the public.

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Saddam is not the danger

02-05-2002 11:29

Israel is more dangerous than Saddam

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Starting a workplace Union

02-05-2002 11:21

I would like this opportunity to bring about a serious loophole in the law

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TAX and NI Scam – Employment Agencies ‘Lie and Cheat’ for Client Business

02-05-2002 11:00

A leading UK TAX consultant has revealed this morning that employment agencies, ‘specialising’ in the IT and Telecoms contract market, are miss-leading clients in terms of the clients potential liabilities if they were to engage professional contractors direct.