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Cambridge Critical Mass / LA Bike Ride

24-07-2008 00:38

Round the roundabout
On Saturday 19 July more than twenty cyclists took to the streets of Cambridge in the evening, to regale in the joy of two-wheeled transportation. From the meetup point at the underpass of the Newmarket/East Road roundabout, the group covered some ten kilometres in a little over an hour. On the way we managed to pick up some random cyclists who decided to join forces with us.

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How low UK TV has sunk - Dennis Potter lectures the BBC

24-07-2008 00:30

Dennis Potter
Potter's disenchantment with modern television ran deep. Fifteen years on this is the first time this speech has been available to watch on the web - what a shame because it's one of the best speeches ever made at the Edinburgh Television Festival. Probably the best there will ever be judging by this year's appaulingly anodyne choice for a lecturer.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle Confirmed

23-07-2008 21:33

We already knew this but... media regulators today confirmed that the controversial Great Global Warming Swindle 'documentary' commissioned by Channel 4 film was a pile of misrepresentation and misleading crap. The long-awaited judgement from Ofcom said that Channel 4 had not fulfilled it's responsibilities and obligations in airing the documentary which claimed that global warming is not a result of human activities.

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Phones and privacy at the camp for climate action.

23-07-2008 20:48

Traditionally it has been the content of communication that has been
the focus of government surveillance but the police are increasingly
interested in data mining techniques to uncover patterns of
association. Simple data, when stored, aggregated and analyzed using
sophisticated computer algorithms, contains far more information than
is commonly appreciated. Collating mobile phone numbers, and the data
retained by network providers, can provide the police with a powerful
incite into our networks of associations. This is not only an invasion
of our privacy but may also threaten our ability to work together

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2 Years for Rescuing Dog, ALF Rescue More Animals in Retaliation

23-07-2008 19:20

Woman Sentenced to 2 Years for Rescuing Dog, “Terrorists” Rescue More Animals in Retaliation

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Fresh and Wild : The "ethical" organic store is selling Nestle products.

23-07-2008 17:58

Fresh and Wild in Camden and Soho are selling Nestle products. Nestle are unethical and not the type of manufacturer whose products expect to find in Fresh and Wild etc.

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EDF French nclear power station leak - UPDATE

23-07-2008 17:52

In July of 2008, 18,000 liters (4,755 Gallons) of Uranium solution containing natural uranium were accidentally released. Due to cleaning and repair work the containment system for a uranium solution holding tank was not functional when the tank filled. The inflow exceeded the tank's capacity and 30 cubic meters of Uranium solution leaked with 18 cubic meters spilled to the ground. Testing found elevated uranium levels in the nearby Gaffière and Lauzon rivers. The liquid that escaped to the ground contained about 75kg of unenriched uranium which is toxic as a heavy metal while possessing only slight radioactivity. Estimates for the releases were initially higher, up to 360kg of natural uranium, but revised downward later. [3]

French authorities have banned the use of water from the Gaffière and Lauzon for drinking and watering of crops. Swimming, water sports and fishing were also banned.

This incident has been classified as Level 1 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

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2,000 Mink Freed - Dedicated To Austrian Prisoners

23-07-2008 17:17

Dedicated To Austrian Prisoners
2,000 Mink Freed - Germany
anonymous communique (translation):

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Israeli military police shooting a bound Palestinian detainee (shocking)

23-07-2008 17:03

Video Nilin Shooting
21 July '08: Following exposure by B'Tselem, Military Police investigate shooting of bound Palestinian

Yesterday (20 July), B'Tselem published footage it received of a soldier firing a rubber-coated steel bullet, from extremely short range, at a Palestinian detainee who was cuffed and blindfolded. The act occurred about two weeks ago in the presence of several security forces, among them the battalion commander, a lieutenant colonel, who held the Palestinian’s arm while the soldier fired.

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Welcome to Hoo St Werburgh near Kingsnorth power station.

23-07-2008 16:24

Hoo map
Hello Happy Campers, welcome to our village. Hoo has a very fine pub, a Co-op store and an ironmongers, plus several other useful shops.

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Bobby Roberts Circus Demos Tonight

23-07-2008 14:58

Anne is used as a photo-prop in the circus ring
There will be a demo against Bobby Roberts Circus on TONIGHT, 6.15pm at Cwmbran - Circus Field A4042 Croesyceiliog.

Bobby Robrts tour with Anne, a 55 year old elephant who suffers from arthritis.
Read her story here:

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HLS Supplier Staples Targeted in the Midwest

23-07-2008 14:43

On Monday, July 14th, activists left over ninety "Staples kills" fliers throughout the Staples store in Terre Haute, Indiana at 125 Davis Avenue. Soon after, on Tuesday, July 23rd, activists left over 120 "Staples kills" fliers throughout a Staples store in Chicago, Illinois at 711 West Jackson Boulevard.

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SHAC Morning Demo At AstraZeneca

23-07-2008 14:40

Before today it had been ages since the last earlybird demo in London. Even with only 3 people, arriving at 8:00am at AstraZeneca to greet all the workers as they arrived. We simply picketted the building, handing out leaflets and holding placards. The staff of AZ don't often get a chance to get a leaflet because the security staff shuffle them out the back door at leaving time if there is a demonstration in progress.

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Palestine Today 072308

23-07-2008 14:30

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday July 23rd, 2008

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Rough Music#19 has hit the streets of Brighton

23-07-2008 13:05

Brigthon's very own dirt diggin' hard hittin' newsletter is out and about once more

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BNP's Second Licence Application Rejected!

23-07-2008 12:53

This years event a watered down affair if ever there was one...

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U.S style Workfare coming to the U.K...

23-07-2008 11:51

The 'Workhouse' comes closer…

Yet another Welfare Green Paper will mean cheap labour, reducing costs, a Victorian notion of the ‘undeserving poor’ and creating a new market off the the backs of some of the most vulnerable in the UK,

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Little Peace Boat on the way to Climate Camp, arrives in Brighton Marina

23-07-2008 10:47

Peter under sail on the "Be Disarming"
Update on veteran peace campaigner,
Peter Le Mare, in his Little Peace Boat,
"Be Disarming"
...on the way to The Climate Camp and then to Westminster, London for this 50th anniversary year of CND peace symbol on Hiroshima Day, August 6, draw attention to the linked problems of Catastrophic Climate Change and World Peace.

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Demo press release: Binyam Mohamed: 30 tomorrow!

23-07-2008 07:21

THE LONDON GUANTÁNAMO CAMPAIGN is to hold a mock birthday party outside 10 Downing St, on Thursday the 24th of July, from 6 to 8pm for Binyam Mohamed, the last Londoner in Guantanamo Bay.

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Zimbabwe: Western Lies and Hypocrisy

23-07-2008 02:40

How Do We Know What We 'Know'?

In recent times I have been reasoning with many people about what is happening in Zimbabwe, and a continual theme that emerged is just how much people rely on mainstream media for views about Zimbabwe and the wider world. Many persons admitted that BBC and/or CNN were the main sources that 'informed' their perspective on Zimbabwe. However, the Western Media, especially BBC and CNN, are openly on a mission to demonize President Robert Mugabe and bring about regime change in Zimbabwe. So it is like asking a person's sworn enemy for opinions/news about that person. Very unbalanced stories will be told. It is clear that the Western international media is complicit in fabricating/distorting stories to justify intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations. And that is one of the main points that is connected to understanding the Zimbabwe issue. Local media around the world, especially where I am from in the Caribbean, simply reproduce coverage by the dominant international media. Even when local commentators try to analyze the events they end up giving a very distorted picture mainly because they assume that the news they get from Western sources are true.