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Palestine Today 040709

07-04-2009 14:41


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday April 7th, 2009.

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This will end in tears for Israel

07-04-2009 10:20

This nutter
The nutters have taken over the asylum

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France: "The Nine of Tarnac": Confronted by an absurd state power, we shall spea

07-04-2009 09:56

For four month now, the legal & media spectacle titled "The Tarnac affair" won't come to an end. Was Julien Coupat to come out of prison for Christmas? For New Year's Eve then? Or would Friday the 13th be his lucky day? No. In the end 'we' will keep him a bit longer in jail, locked into his new role as 'leader of an invisible cell'.

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Need a lift?

07-04-2009 09:50

If you live in the South and are in need of a reasonable priced lift to London for the World Day for Animals in Laboratories, SARC can help!

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Tamil Protest still going strong

07-04-2009 09:49

Protestors against lack of British support for the Tamil people and the recent offensive by the Sri Lankan Government against them continue into a second day.

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SAAB Microwave Becoming2’ court trial

07-04-2009 09:26

more to come-trails, trials and rhizomes

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G20: a photo essay - chapter 2

07-04-2009 08:49

Find the G20 before the G20 finds you.

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Burden of Shame

07-04-2009 08:09

For some it was all to much.

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G20: a photo essay - chapter 1

07-04-2009 06:51

When things are good, it's a G8. When things are bad, it's a G20.

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What Obama's Trip to Europe Revealed

07-04-2009 03:45

Declaring something a success doesn’t necessarily make it so. We learned this at the Bush-led G-20 summit only four months ago, when global leaders were expected to do something far-reaching in response to the world-wide economic crisis, instead of chatting about it. When nothing came of the meeting, we were told that the summit “succeeded” because it “laid the groundwork” for the next G-20 gathering, recently led by Obama.

The four months between G-20 summits was one of rising massive unemployment and social misery for millions of people, creating an urgency that was unmet by the world leaders in London.

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Justice for Djindy, Matt & the Wilson family.

06-04-2009 23:08

On Wed 1st April a judgement was made ordering Matt Wilson to return his son, Djindra, to his mother. Instead of doing so, he disappeared.
Since then his family have been harrassed and threatened because they do not know where he has gone.

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Direct Action; Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, France, Spain & Italy

06-04-2009 22:44

3rd-6th April


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Activist Tat Training Session 8th and 9th May

06-04-2009 22:41

Come and get skilled up, learn practical skills for putting on large scale convergences and find out more about the Activist Tat Collective!! 8th May-9th May, Nottingham, email for more info.

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06-04-2009 21:13

Stop and Check ! Strasbourg residents show passes
The Heart of Europe ! A City Locked Down !
The Folly of an Elite ! .... Heard The Voice of Reason !!

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Stop kettling sign this petition every little helps.

06-04-2009 21:08

The "Kettle" is best known for having been used in the May Day protests at Oxford Circus in 2001, after which it became the subject of a civil action, brought by one of those contained and only finally resolved by the law lords (in the police's favour) in January this year.

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Demo Against the Grand National and other AR activities

06-04-2009 20:06

Outside William Hill
On Saturday 4th April Nottingham Animal Rights had a busy day demonstrating against the grand national (complete with police presence), doing a free vegan food givaway at the sumac centre and hosting people's kitchen - cooking a three course meal for £3 - (also at sumac).

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Milan Italy 5 april 2009 Antifascists keep control

06-04-2009 19:41

The central square "piazza missori" [comparable for example with muntplein in amsterdam] for 6 hours completed isolated and surrounded by more than 1000 riot policemen: at the square fascists from whole europe -as france, italy, hungary, england, and so on- gathered for a meeting in Hotel Cavalieri [owned by a wellknown fascist]. There were just 200-300 of the scum...

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Palestine Today 040609

06-04-2009 14:55


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday April 6th, 2009.

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Tamil Protest on Westminster Bridge

06-04-2009 14:08

Tamil protestors block Westminster bridge.