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Tamil Protest on Westminster Bridge

Dec | 06.04.2009 14:08 | Policing | Repression

Tamil protestors block Westminster bridge.

About 200 Tamil's -many carrying Tamil Tiger flags are currently blockading Westminster Bridge (Parliament end)- small police presence seems to be waiting for instructions/support, buses backed up across the bridge, loud but peaceful.



TSG are out now in force

06.04.2009 15:33

Westminister bridge is blocade and so too is vauxhall. TSG have just arrived in number.


protest in wesminiter

06.04.2009 19:29

there are more than 5000 tamil protesters now. not 200



06.04.2009 20:12

it is clear to make out that the statement above referring to "tamil tiger flags" is inaccurate. the tamil tigers are recognised by uk govornment as a banned terrorist organisation. the flags which are being flown is merely the flag of the tamils. there are similarities but it is not the same as the tamil tiger flag which it is effectively a crime to fly in the uk.

the demo started today in response to a very recent massacre on the island which is called "sri lanka" (not by tamils as this is a sinhalese name).

the reason the protest spilled onto westminster bridge is that the police were trying to implement a kettle (cordon around the demo) in parliment square where the demo was originally.
_now_ (9pm) the police are kettling the demonstrators on westminster bridge and not letting anyone go. about half of the demonstrators are youngsters on their school holidays.

this demo was not organised by the british tamils forum but by tamil youth groups acting independantly of it. however the british tamils forum is organising a demo meeting at the embankment at 1pm on sat 11th april. for more information see the website.

please note the author of this post is not a representative of the british tamils forum but merely a concerned individual.

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no to terror listings

06.04.2009 20:13

21.12 colleague on site informs me

police have now let water in after a pat down search. they have brought out some helmets as if to clear but it doesn't look like they have the numbers (maybe they are on holiday after last week). earlier one protestor jumped off the bridge but got picked up by the river police. peaceful atmosphere, people have mainly been sitting down but more recently some standing up.

what will it take for the tamil protestors in london to get their actions into the papers?

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