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More journalists killed: Hotel Palestine in Baghdad attacked again

24-10-2005 16:57

Palestine Hotel, Baghdad: foreign journalists staying at the hotel were killed
American soldiers killed journalists at this hotel before. If the american army are in Baghdad why aren't they protecting the media, and how can this hotel be attacked so many times?

The Palestine Hotel, which houses many foreign journalists in Iraq, was hit by two rockets and one car bomb Monday, causing considerable damage to rooms, Iraqi police said.

Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk and Spanish cameraman José Couso of Telecinco were killed by US soldiers in April 2003. Three other journalists were wounded in the attack. 100 journalists were in the Palestine Hotel when american troops attacked the Hotel.

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hunting - more than before the ban

24-10-2005 16:28

What went wrong ?

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Citizens’ Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)

24-10-2005 15:37

Citizens’ Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)
Tunis, November 16-18, 2005
First announcement and call for support
CSIS Press release ­ October 24, 2005

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The return of The Bristolian

24-10-2005 15:18

Bristol's Paul Foot Award winning independent newspaper returns after a summer break.

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Indymedia cinema this Thursday

24-10-2005 14:59

@ The Synergy Centre, 220 Farmers Road, London SE5 (nearest tube is Oval)

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How's this for sedition?

24-10-2005 13:40

I am motivated by no sense of good faith
I have read the proposed anti-terrorist bill and see that reference is made to sayings and acts done in good faith. I make as clear as possible, in terms as unambiguous as possible, that in urging disaffection - and hatred and contempt - I am motivated by no sense of good faith whatsoever.

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Gate Gourmet Demo - Downing Street - Tuesday!

24-10-2005 13:13


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2º congress of the african inmigration and the black communities

24-10-2005 13:01

2º congreso-celebración de el décimo aniversario de la a million men march, y 4 años de la conferencia de durban...

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Air bosses meeting end Nov ???

24-10-2005 12:32

IS there a meeting of the Air bosses in London end November?

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Seven Arrested After Bookfair Now Released On Bail

24-10-2005 12:17

Just heard the seven people who were arrested during the incident outside the Coronet pub next to where the anarchist bookfair took place on saturday have been released.

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birmingham riots

24-10-2005 11:26

Birmingham riots - black gangs target asians

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Palestinian Films at OXDOX

24-10-2005 11:21

Oxford: Palestinian films screening today

fron 6pm - 24 October 2005, Old Fire Station

Part of OXDOX (http:/

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Tehran seeking new ways to censor the Internet and track dissidents

24-10-2005 11:04

Reporters Without Borders today accused the Iranian government of seeking to increase its control of the Internet in recent measures that have included contracting an Iranian company, Delta Global, to set up a new online censorship system.

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Jack Straw on tour with Condoleeza Rice

24-10-2005 09:16

Jack Straw on tour with Condoleeza Rice

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Police confrontation after Anarchist Bookfair - more photos

23-10-2005 23:02

Inside the bookfair
Following the London Anarchist Bookfair, scores of police (many in riot gear) assaulted and intimidated pedestrians outside the bookfair venue, and arrested several people. Though the police had originally been called over to a pub down the road because someone was playing loud music, they offered no excuse or justification as to their violent, disorderly conduct.

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A brilliant way to spread anti-corporate and anti-war messages

23-10-2005 18:06

Check this out, if you haven't already done it! Is there anyone organising this in the UK?

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New pamphlet: Beating Fascism: Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice

23-10-2005 17:53

"Beating Fascism" is a new compilation about anarchist anti-fascism. From the 'People's commandos' who fought against Mussolini's bootboys, through the Spanish Civil War, to the anti-fascist activists of the eighties, nineties and beyond who took up the challenge from a new crop of boneheads.

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guerra globale e diritti italia for Uk

23-10-2005 17:46

this articles is in italian be cause we dont have time for translate: speak to global war e repression, is international be cause speak to rebel colors
please it's possibile translete in english. is again Blair, Bush

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Respect for Black History

23-10-2005 17:09


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Summary of Peoples' Global Action meeting, India, 7-10 October 2005

23-10-2005 16:30

Around 50 people from different countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Germany, Greece, Spain, UK, Ukraine/USA) met in Haridwar for a preparatory consultation meeting prior to the 4th Global Conference of PGA.