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India: Water War

16-05-2003 10:31

Update of developments in the Narmada Valley.

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AFP: Israeli army uses women, kids as human shields

16-05-2003 09:49

"I joined three girls, aged four, six and nine, and a very distressed woman who were not allowed to leave the scene of the fighting and forced to sit on the floor against a wall facing the targeted building," she told AFP, declining to divulge her surname. "Palestinian men were then brought out of the building, handcuffed and forcibly thrown to the ground," before the assault was completed, she said.

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16-05-2003 09:08

Will the Politicians be tried in the Crown Court for neglect of duty? If this disease gets into western cities there might not be enough people left to put them on trial in a Peoples' Court. Are the KGBetc (MI5, CIA,...) failing in their duty?

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survey: israel yet to grasp the concept of democracy

16-05-2003 05:11

and it calls itself the only democracy in the middle east

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Blairs resignation?

16-05-2003 04:59

Resignation the right thing to do over Iraq?

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Fierce Fighting Continues in Eastern Congo

16-05-2003 04:49

While the United Nations Security Council continues debating how to resolve this fighting, the conflict continues unabated. Most residents have already fled the city and many of them have made it across the borders into Uganda or Burundi.

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Support Indymedia

16-05-2003 02:46

Google News has reinstated San Francisco Indymedia on its list of news sources. Right-wing warmongers are furious about this, and are calling for a mass campaign to force SF Indymedia back off the list.

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Are US Marines really taught to shout "Kill!Kill!Kill!" ?

16-05-2003 02:07

At Marine boot camp it's constantly 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' There are contests to see which recruit can shout it the loudest. Every time you do a push-up you shout 'Kill!' I thought it was insane, but mouthed the word so as not to get in trouble.

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Elite power brokers' secret talks

16-05-2003 00:12

well it wasn't so long ago that anyone posting an article about Bilderberg was likely to be called a right wing wing conspiracy theorist, seems that this particular theory is coming home to roost. bout time for a little protest innit ?

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Sars: Violators will be shot

15-05-2003 23:21

China upped the stakes in the fight against Sars on Thursday, threatening to execute or jail for life anyone who violates quarantine restrictions and spreads the disease.

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15-05-2003 23:05

Ever wanted to do something a bit more weighty than just write a letter of protest?

Why not send a brickbat for free?

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PHOTOS: Commemoration of 55th anniversary of Nakba in Occupied Palestine

15-05-2003 20:34

PHOTOS: Commemoration of 55th anniversary of Nakba in Occupied Palestine
Hundreds of people gathered in the small town of Mas'ha, West Bank, Occupied Palestine to commemorate the Nakba and to show resistance to the Apartheid Wall which is rapidly being built - the new Nakba for Palestinians! (article 1)

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Wed 28th May: Special Debate on Iraq, with Clare Short

15-05-2003 20:19

CAABU Special Debate on Iraq
"Can we win the peace? The future for Iraq."
Wednesday 28th May, 6.30 pm
Guest Speakers include the Rt Hon Clare Short
Venue: Whitehall Suite, One Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HD

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University researcher's proof of faster-than-light electrogravity?

15-05-2003 20:02

The case for a black budget antigravity industry

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Les biotechnologies menacent-elles l'espèce ?

15-05-2003 20:02

Les milieux scientifiques essaient de nous convaincre et de nous rassurer; les biotechnologies seraient un progrès pour l'humanité. Mais plusieurs en doutent.

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The Fourth Manchester Radical Bookfair May 17th 2003

15-05-2003 19:23

The Fourth Manchester Radical Bookfair May 17th 2003 - the gathering place for anarchists and libertarians in Manchester.
From Worker
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 21:13:58 +0200 (CEST)

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RADIO SUBVERSION for the week of 05/13/03

15-05-2003 19:20

RADIO SUBVERSION is a weekly audio netcast with news, views, music and humor from the Left side of the internet.

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VIdeo of battery hen rescue

15-05-2003 18:51

Its a big video 20MB

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Three more Palestinians killed today…five yesterday

15-05-2003 17:14

From The Palestine Monitor

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Swiss Authorities 'back tracking' on G8 Policing

15-05-2003 16:30

Swiss News on G8 regarding policing arrangements + hastily put together collation of translated articles.