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Two and a half ideas for the Movement

26-07-2001 18:42

Two and a half suggestions I thought of to help out the Movement. Constructive criticisms and suggestions welcome.
Tell me what you think.

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full text of "Child Savers--WATCH OUT!"

26-07-2001 18:28

"The problem with children, and with working class children in particualar, was that they refused to be integrated smoothly into an oppressive society. ...The child savers turned political problems into adjustment problems. Instead of seeking political solutions to the problems of young people, they chose therapeutic remedies, thereby deflecting criticisms of capitalism onto its victims."

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Sections of corporate media telling the truth.....

26-07-2001 18:22

UK Channel 4 News today:

Talks of a "very different picture" being painted in Genoa after the weekend.

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carabbinieri black block photo

26-07-2001 18:10

carabbinieri black block photo
carabbinieri black block

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genoaResistance site up and running

26-07-2001 17:41

genoaResistance website for Oct 20-21 moblization is up and running

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Corporate Press protest / G8police violence

26-07-2001 17:13

corporate masters gives their own a staff a good beating !

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Beware of Observer reporter re:IMC raid

26-07-2001 16:44

Observer reporter responsible for publishing police propoganda and hype, now wants to interview about IMC raid

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Imprisoned Asylum Seekers start Hunger Strike

26-07-2001 16:39

Today Thursday 26 July 2001 at 11.30am, asylum seekers and immigration detainees in HMP Liverpool refused to take their midday meal, and notified outside supporters that they had begun a hunger strike against their intolerable imprisonment.

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Peom for Sky

26-07-2001 16:37

I was thinking about SKY being in a critical condition when I wrote this poem for him.

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Fascist tactics of yesterday the same as today

26-07-2001 16:29

Violent Fascist tactics against peaceful demonstrations are the same today as they where yesterday.

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A W.O.M.B.L.E. in Genoa: Part 3

26-07-2001 16:26


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A W.O.M.B.L.E. in Genoa: Part 2

26-07-2001 16:24

Thursday and Friday

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A W.O.M.B.L.E. in Genoa: Part 1

26-07-2001 16:21

Arriving in Genoa

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26-07-2001 15:49

A poem - may it remind everbody to hold each other's hands.

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genova! libera! a personal account

26-07-2001 14:53

a personal account of my time in genova

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Amnesty request inquiry into police brutality at Genoa

26-07-2001 14:24

Investigations need to be launched into police violence and the denial of access to legal representation

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Elementos para una síntesis de las luchas globales.

26-07-2001 14:07

Hasta Seattle, el movimiento de lucha global era un espacio compartido por las más variadas tendencias.

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CITIES IN PROTEST (actualized)

26-07-2001 13:57

more than 140 Cities all over the world march against the brutal breaking of laws and human rights by the italian police after the g8 meeting in genova

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Balthazar Garzon, brave judges and lawyers everywhere: MAKE THEM PAY

26-07-2001 13:56

Use law courts around the world to apply pressure on these state terrorists

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GENOA: Irish protester needs witness statements

26-07-2001 13:05

Joe Moffatt travelled to Genoa from Ireland. He has been arrested and his
His lawyer is requesting that anyone who was with him at any time from
getting on the bus in Dublin up to the time of his arrest write up a statement of what they remember.