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Base in Your Face

22-01-2003 14:49

After the blockade of the Northwood military HQ on Saturday, it's time to make our demonstrations visible at the real bits of the US military machine - the bases in the UK. (approx 800 words)

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A Bust Indeed

22-01-2003 14:33

Mindless idolization of historical caricatures doesn't get us anywhere today.

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Tony Bliar speaks. Listen!

22-01-2003 10:24

Tony Bliar

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Saturday's Candlelight Vigil in front of US Embassy in London

22-01-2003 09:16

Saturday's Candlelight Vigil in front of US Embassy in London
3 hour candlelight vigil adds to anti-war actions on Saturday in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London.

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Cosmic Karma (Or How I Screwed The World)

22-01-2003 09:11

indie short film 1min 42 sec

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To be in the know!

22-01-2003 08:40

To be in the know!
If not we would have the perspective, who else could have?

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Only mass civil disobedience will stop the war!

22-01-2003 07:25

Peaceful protests, lobbys of Parliament and human shield campaigns will not this coming war. Its time the anti-war movement got real about action to stop this war and moved to more act of real civil disobedience and just student occupations or die ins in Whitehall.

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U.S. Expanding Bio-Weapons Programme?

22-01-2003 03:57

Indications of an expansion of the U.S. bio-weapons development programme have come to light.

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Porto Alegre (Brazil) 2003: The Global Network of Youth Social Movements.

22-01-2003 02:17

For the third consecutive day the organisational committee of the Global Network of Youth Social Movements met today on the shores of the Guaiba River to discuss the future of the International Youth Camp: The City of the Cities, as a political and cultural experience.

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Human Shields at the Mass Lobby of Parliament

22-01-2003 01:04

Ken O'Keefe, organiser of the human shield mission to Iraq, speaking at today's mass lobby of Parliament.
2 minutes 45 seconds. 1Mb. Windows media.

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Protestors turned away at Parliament tonight

22-01-2003 00:06

Hundreds of protestors were turned away from the public rally ar Westminster tonight.

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East belfast loyalists to take down sectarian murals/grafitti

21-01-2003 23:24

The 3 main loyalist paramilitary groups in east belfast, the UVF, UDA and red hand commandos, in a gesture of goodwill to the catholic and republican population of east belfast, are to take down any sectarian grafitti or murals in an effort to defuse any sectarian tension surrounding the republican short strand enclave.

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21-01-2003 22:57


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Bush, Empire & Starwars (Image)

21-01-2003 22:53

Bush, Empire & Starwars (Image)
An image for our times

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Schroeder says Germany will not vote for Iraq war

21-01-2003 22:22

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder says Germany will not support a U.N. resolution in favour of war against Iraq

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21-01-2003 21:18

The difference is one is doing willingly and the other is forced.

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Hostage in Hackney siege criticises police

21-01-2003 18:41

The man held hostage in London's longest armed siege said yesterday he rang police three times before he got a proper response.

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'Oldest star chart' found

21-01-2003 18:27

The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has been recognised on an ivory tablet some 32,500 years old.

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Mass demonstration at Shannon Warport

21-01-2003 16:36

With preparations for war stepping up some 7,000 US troops a week have been flying though Shannon Airport. Alongside them are a growing number of US cargo aircraft some of which can also be used a bombers. On Saturday 18th January thousands of people travelled from around the country to protest at the military use of the airport and to oppose war in Iraq. Full report and pictures continue at

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Athens Olympics 2004 destroy the city's green parks

21-01-2003 15:52

Athens Olympics 2004 destroy the city's green parks

In this address you will find all information in English about the struggle to protect the very few parks in Athens from the Olympic preparation.