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What crisis?

05-02-2009 13:06

It is a matter of great importance that we, the people, quit talking and thinking about the “crisis” in the worlds financial system as if it was somehow something to do with us. It only has to do with us to the extent that we believe in it. The “crisis” does not exist, unless we come to understand it as a crisis of what once was.

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Bob Geldof's Production Company Threatens Cyber Libel Action

05-02-2009 13:06

Here's a blogger who's come under threat for criticising (UK) Kent County Council's internet-based Kent TV service. The station, paid for by tax payers in the county,  is provided by Bob Geldof's production company Ten Alps. Private Eye reports (1229, p. 11):

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Shell to Sea Visit Leeds: Part 1 - An Illegal Eviction

05-02-2009 12:49

On the evening of 4th Feb 2009, local people from West Yorkshire were keen to hear about the Shell to Sea campaign and the Rossport Solidarity camp. However things didn't go quite as planned.

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Gggollum Sues Tolkien for Cyber Libel

05-02-2009 12:33

Sir David Eady, possibly the most famous high court judge in the UK, was brought in to rule on the case of Christopher Carrie, who claims he was abused as a child by John Tolkien, a priest and scoutmaster, and son of the Lord of the Rings author. Mr Carrie was trying to sue Royd Tolkien, one of the writer’s great-grandsons and a bit-part actor in one of the massively successful Lord of the Rings films, over comments made on a website. The fact that Mr Carrie was behind the website only came out in the build-up to the court case. He had previously posted entries on the website under the name ``gggollum''.

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Britain vs. “Extreme Pornography”

05-02-2009 12:23

Just as the U.S., with the surprising help of the Supreme Court, is starting to emerge from its shell of puritan genophobia, Britain is persisting in its state of paranoia and censorship with the passage of a new law, the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, that will make possessing ``extreme pornography'' (''any extreme image produced solely or principally for the purpose of sexual arousal'') illegal, as reported by Telegraph UK. In addition, another law, the Coroners and Justice Bill, will ban possession of any image involving sexual activity and children.

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Christian Voice Loses ASA Case

05-02-2009 12:18

A week after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled in favour of the Atheist Bus Campaign adverts rather than the complainants (who included Christian Voice), they have stated that Christian Voice is no longer allowed to run adverts making unsubstantiated claims against the HPV vaccine, which protects young girls from cervical cancer.

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Serge Trifkovic, BNP Councillor, and Scientific Racialists to Discuss Preserving

05-02-2009 12:14

Among the slew of anti-Muslim screeds published in recenty years, one of the more prominent was The Sword of the Prophet, by Serge Trifkovic. Despite Trifokovic's dubious background as a former spokesman for Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (although he also spoke against Slobodan Milsoevic), he was embraced by American conservatives  - paleo and neo - as yet another expert who dared to tell ``the truth'' about Muslims and Islams.

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Peace women defeat Ministry of Defence in freedom to protest case

05-02-2009 12:06

Outside court this morning
A Ministry of Defence (MoD) byelaw banning camping outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston was quashed by the court of appeal today. The case, heard on 26th November 2008, was an appeal in the Judicial Review of the Secretary of State for Defence's decision to introduce byelaws which would have criminalised camping as a form of peaceful protest.

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But at what cost?

05-02-2009 11:58

I agree that the Iraqi elections at first sight seem like a success. And the news so far is very good. All the Islamic parties lost ground, especially that associated with the so-called ‘Shia firebrand’, Moqtada al-Sadr, whose share of the vote went down from 11% to 3%. The principal Sunni Islamic party, the Islamic Party of Iraq, was wiped out. Instead, a new generation of Iraqi politicians is coming forward. Many of them are young and secular. They have lived always in Iraq, not in exile; they are Iraqis with local roots first and foremost - they are not pan-Arabs or pan-Islamists. Nor do they have connections to the US. I hate to rain on the parade but that doesn't yet negate the ongoing cost of this huge blunder.

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I was fairly certain that one of us would be shot today.

05-02-2009 11:53

This morning (Tuesday 3rd February, 2009), farmers from Abassan Jadiida (New Abassan), to the east of Khan Younis , the southern region, returned to land they’d been forced off of during and following the war on Gaza. The continual shooting at them by Israeli soldiers while they work the land intensified post-war on Gaza. The Israeli soldiers’ shooting was not a new thing, but a resumption of the policy of harassment that Palestinians in the border areas have been enduring for years, a harassment extending to invasions in which agricultural land, chicken farms, and the houses in the region have been targeted, destroyed in many cases.

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Open Gaza Borders

05-02-2009 11:50

Gaza is in the grip of a man-made humanitarian crisis. Thousands of tons of food, medical and emergency shelter aid including blankets and mattresses, is being denied entry through crossings by both the Israeli and Egyptian governments.

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05-02-2009 11:46

PCSnOw officer on duty
Following reports in 'The Telegraph' this week that forces have spent more than £20,000 on cardboard cut-outs of uniformed officers Office Of Community Sousveillance has responded with its own PCSnOw WATCH officers placed around Nottingham city. “At a fraction of the cost we can create the impression at first glance of ‘a visible presence’ being on duty, which hopefully also reduces the perception of fear of crime.” claims Officer Rob O'Copp from The Office of Community Sousveillance

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Climate Change Day of Action

05-02-2009 11:44

Information about Christian Aid's Climate Change protests and campaigns - speaking out against E.ON's coal-fuelled power plants. Join us and help make a difference!

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Situation Update Nepal -- G2H Demands Justice for the Monkeys

05-02-2009 11:43

On the 23rd of Janauary 2009 a Public Interest Litigation, (PIL), petition against Nepal's monkey farming was filed against the monkey farming at the Supreme Court of Nepal. We are elated to announce that the action was not only sanctioned by the court, but it has been placed on the court's "priority list" due to the "seriousness" of the case!

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Waterford Crystal: ‘We’re occupying this plant to save our jobs’

05-02-2009 11:18

Workers at the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland have delivered a powerful example of how to take on the recession – they are occupying their plant to keep it open. The factory is owned by Waterford Wedgewood, which went into receivership on 5 January. The receiver suggested that the plant move to a three-day week. Workers were reluctant to go along with this and were suspicious of the motives behind it. Many believed that the factory would close as soon as they were out the door. It turned out the receiver had the same idea.

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Occupation of the opera house in Athens

05-02-2009 10:32

the struggle never ends

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Israeli blockade stops aid to Gaza

05-02-2009 09:52

Israel and its Egyptian ally are continuing to hamper the entry of desperately needed humanitarian goods into the Gaza Strip after Israel’s assault on the Palestinians there

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Emergency Solidarity Appeal from General Union of Guadeloupe Workers (UGTG)

05-02-2009 09:30

Dear comrades and friends,The French colonial authority is getting ready to suppress the workers, youth, and people of Guadeloupe as well as their organizations.In response to the call of 47 trade unions, political organizations, consumer associations, popular organizations, and cultural associations, a general strike began on 20 January 2009, expressing the general discontent of the masses of workers, who are sick and tired of the suffering they face.

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The Way of Izvestia: BBC as a Metaphor for State Propaganda

05-02-2009 09:26

By Muhammad Idrees Ahmad'The BBC cannot be neutral in the struggle between truth and untruth, justice and injustice, freedom and slavery, compassion and cruelty, tolerance and intolerance.' Thus read a 1972 internal document called Principles and Practice in News and Current Affairs laying out the guidelines for the BBC's coverage of conflicts. It appears to affirm that in cases of oppression and injustice to be neutral is to be complicit, because neutrality reinforces the status quo. This partiality to truth, justice, freedom, compassion and tolerance it deems 'within the consensus about basic moral values'.

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Obama congratulated for overturning global abortion funding ban

05-02-2009 09:00

President Obama has been widely congratulated by women's groups and family planning organisations for overturning the ban on U.S. federal funding for providing abortion care or counselling abroad.