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Australia Votes The Lying Rodent and other Bastards Out

25-11-2007 12:27

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) were elected in a landslide win in the Australian Federal election on Saturday, November 24. The 'bastards' of the Liberal and National party coalition Government have been voted out. And the Prime Minister, John Howard, once called by a Liberal Party colleague 'the lying rodent', is likely to lose his own seat in the swing against the conservatives, only the second Prime Minister to do so in Australia's short political history since federation in 1901.

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British State in baby snatch attempt

25-11-2007 11:30

Decided to link from usenet so any discussion can happen in that uncensored environment:

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Anti-Fascist Memorial Rally.

25-11-2007 10:41

(c) Marc Vallée, 2007.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 24.11.07. Anti-fascist protesters congregate for a Memorial Rally at the International Brigade Memorial Statue in Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank. Carlos Javier Palomino, a 16-year old anti-racism campaigner was stabbed to death during violent clashes with neo-Nazis in the Spanish capital Madrid two weeks ago and protesters gathered to mark his death. (Photos by Marc Vallée/ (c) Marc Vallée, 2007.)

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Total Oil: Pull Out of Burma Now - Pictures

25-11-2007 10:22

TOTAL Kilburn. (C) 2007, Peter Marshall
Actions were taking place at Total Oil garages around the country on Saturday 24 Nov, demanding that TOTAL Oil, the fourth largest oil company of the world, described by Aung San Suu Kyi as "the biggest supporter of the military regime in Burma," pull out of Burma.

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Carlos Presente Memorial Rally pictures

25-11-2007 10:12

Jubilee Gardens, 24 Nov 2007. (C) 2007, Peter Marshall
Pictures from the London Memorial Rally in Jubilee Gardens, 24 Nov 2007, organised by Antifa Britain with the Anarchist Federation - IFA.

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No Tesco on Mill Road-Photos

25-11-2007 08:58

No Tesco on Mill Road - Photos

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Bush Ally Howard Defeated

25-11-2007 08:34

New Austrian Liberal Prime minister Kevin Rudd, who defeated PM Howard in the Australian General Election and vociferous opponent of former Prime Minister Howard’s controversial Labour Laws, has pledged to Sign the Kyoto treaty and Withdraw from Iraq. Accused of attempting to introduce a fascist police state in Austrian, Howard might even lose his own parliamentary seat after the full count is comleted.

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Imperial wars and genocide, Petrodollar Recycling System and meltdown

25-11-2007 04:59

Imperial wars, crimes and genocide, Petrodollar Recycling System and meltdown of financial world order.
Articles, analysis and video documentary

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Olympic Fire Covers London In Smoke - sound and pictures

25-11-2007 01:10

Radio 4 Olympic oppression of local residents covered by You And Yours last Friday
Olympic fire:BBC Pictures page

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In defence of the diverse: Mill road residents take to the streets.

25-11-2007 00:30

On Saturday November 24th, 2007, the people of Mill Road, Cambridge united upon the tarmac of the very street they treasure so much in it's current form, and sent out a resolute message of defiance against the ongoing corporate project by the likes of Tesco, who, if they could, would have us believe that there is only their way of doing things.

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Manufacturing Consent for World War III

24-11-2007 23:18

“When President Bush used an October 17 [2007] White House press conference to threaten that the escalating US confrontation with Iran posed a danger of ‘World War III’ his remark was passed over in silence by most of the media. Those that did report it seemed, for the most part, to accept the White House claim that the president was engaging in hyperbole and merely making a ‘rhetorical point.’” Bill Van Auken (2007).

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Midsummer House – Fighting Back for the Animals!

24-11-2007 22:43

A low food hygiene rating, supporting cruelty and the site of regular demos, Midsummer House isn’t the sort of place for a nice Christmas meal!

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Iran: The Neocon Agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet – The New Pearl Harbor

24-11-2007 21:23

The U.S. plans for an attack on Iran envision to sacrifice the Fifth Fleet in order to justify a nuclear retaliation. This is not a hypothetical scenario, but a real option being discussed within the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff cabinet. According to our sources, admiral William Fallon made clear that if such an order was given, he would refuse to follow it and would hand in his resignation along with the entire Centcom headquarter’s. So far only the Navy and Army’s superior officers’ resistance has prevented the neoconservatives and the Air Force to launch the operations.

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Mill Road Cambridge - The March

24-11-2007 21:21

Inspiring to see so many people out on the march

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16 Reports - 9 Countries - 5 Days - This is Animal Liberation

24-11-2007 21:16

Bite Bite Magazine:
With now over two thousand reports since 2002, Bite Back has been "since most activists can remember" reporting direct action from the global Animal Liberation Front and other liberation activists.

Since October / November 2007, the number of actions have increased to an average of two reports a day, although in the past five days there have been 16 reports - an average of three reports a day.

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Dialect - Today's Stop The War Rally in Bristol and Northern Rock

24-11-2007 21:00

Today's show is ten minutes longer than usual to accommodate live interviews with Stop the War rally speakers at the rally.

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Islam in Venezuela?

24-11-2007 20:16

Greetings, I’m sending you this to clarify what the Wayuu + Islam is. The Wayus have for years been sharing and having interaction with the people originating from the Middle East. Evidently, the fact is that human beings can modify common impressions – what people are saying -- and transform them into convictions.

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Total out of Burma Protest in Surrey

24-11-2007 20:14

Students contribute to national protest against total

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Free Stall in Leeds for Buy Nothing Day

24-11-2007 20:00

Leeds Free Shop 1
The truth is out - buying stuff doesn't make you happy! Central Leeds today saw a free shop sprout from the pavement to drive the message home.

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Campsfield IRC Anniversary demonstration / Saturday 24 November 2007

24-11-2007 19:58

Mafungesi Maikokera, left of group
Fourteen years too long! Close Campsfield!
Close all detention centres! Stop all detentions and deportations!
For freedom of movement and the right to stay!