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Midsummer House – Fighting Back for the Animals!

Midsummer House – Fighting Back for the Animals! | 24.11.2007 22:43 | Animal Liberation | Health | Cambridge | World

A low food hygiene rating, supporting cruelty and the site of regular demos, Midsummer House isn’t the sort of place for a nice Christmas meal!

On Saturday 17th Nov. Anti-Foie Gras protesters again gathered outside Midsummer House restaurant to express their views on Midsummer House’s sale of the product.

For the first time in this campaign activists used a megaphone to educate the public about the cruel methods used to produce Foie Gras (involving the force – feeding of birds, causing their livers to swell painfully). The campaigners also took the opportunity to let everyone know that, based on local authority inspections, Midsummer House has a lower food hygiene rating than the local night shelter!

This time protesters were only joined by one “upholder of the law” who insisted the megaphone be pointed away from the restaurant and talked about ‘imposing conditions’ when one activist went to the back of the restaurant via the public footpath. However, overall the protesters were allowed to express themselves, this is in sharp contrast to the behaviour of PC Bacon 1222 who at the previous protest imposed a Section 14 to effectively end the demo. (See

As usual campaigners received support from passers-by that were concerned about the issue, this is something that Midsummer House should understand about Foie Gras a lot of people are against it, in fact its production is not even lawful in the UK! The protesters got concerned members of the public to sign cards and the police officer arranged for the protesters to hand them in to a representative from the restaurant, which gave activists the chance to discuss the issue further.

The campaigners would like to encourage anyone who objects to Foie Gras to contact Midsummer House directly:

Midsummer House Restaurant
Midsummer Common, Cambridge, CB4 1HA
Phone: 01223 369299 Fax: 01223 302672

For more ways to help please see:

To get active for animals in Cambridge check out the website of Animal Rights Cambridge at and come to one of the meetings on the fourth Monday of every month @ The Bath House, just off Mill Road. (£1 hall hire per person)

Finally, I would like to encourage the people at NETCU to comment on this article, we know you read our postings why not say something :-)

Midsummer House – Fighting Back for the Animals!
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