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strike against genocide - today 29th april, westminster

28-04-2009 23:57

22 day hunger strike in parliament square
all day event in and around westmisnter. many people are gathering at noon, although it is an all day event. more support needed.

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Close Communications House Tuesday 5 May 1-2pm

28-04-2009 22:49



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Barcelona: Occupations and Demonstration

28-04-2009 22:18

News from the Barcelona Student Movement

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Protest against Israeli Army Performance - pics

28-04-2009 21:49

The Israeli army's song-and-dance troupe performed in north London to commemorate founding of Israel.

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Workers Memorial Day in Brum

28-04-2009 21:30

Workers’ Memorial Day (April 28th) commemorates all those killed and injured at work, highlighting the scale of the tragedy and what can be done about it. In Birmingham there is a memorial held in the churchyard of St. Philips Cathedral. There are also memorials in Wolverhampton and Solihull.

Every year, in Britain alone, thousands of workers are killed on the job or die of work related causes. It's worth noting that more workers are killed in their workplaces than are sent to die in wars. This is the deadliest war of all and it's ignored by the government and unpublicised by the corporate media.

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tamil tiger rally march newcastle saturday the 25th april

28-04-2009 21:16

a rally and march in support with the tamil tigrs took place in newcastle on the 25th

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China, Peru Sign Free Trade Deal

28-04-2009 19:59

China and Peru signed a free trade agreement in a ceremony attended by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and his Peruvian counterpart Luis Giampietri Rojas

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Rob Williams shop steward at Ford Swansea sacked .. factory occupied

28-04-2009 19:55

Rob Williams, the Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts factory in Swansea and vice chair of the NSSN, was called into the directors' office of the plant on Tuesday 28 April and told that he was being sacked for "irretrievable breakdown of trust". This blatant victimisation of one of the leading left-wing shop steward activists in the car industry was met by an immediate production line walk-off by the day shift. They surrounded Rob's union office after management called in police to forcibly remove Rob from the building.

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Union Acitvist Occupies Car Plant Swansea

28-04-2009 19:22

Rob Williams, a UNITE Union Convenor was this morning summarily sacked by LINAMAR, a Canadian multi-national corporation. He has barricaded himself into his office and was still there at 8pm tonight. 100 workers walked of the assembly line in support of his actions. A crowd is growing outside.

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Outlaw Whaling Vessel Scuttled - Sea Shepherd Applauds Efforts

28-04-2009 18:33

During the evening of April 23rd, conservation commandos from Agenda 21 slipped onboard the Norwegian whaling ship Skarbakk in Henningsvaer in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands. With a monkey wrench they disassembled the salt-water intake valve (used for cooling the main engine). They then opened the valve and flooded the engine room.

As the ship settled low in the water, local firefighters arrived with pumps just in time to prevent the ship settling on the bottom. By then the ship had been completely filled with water however, destroying the machinery and electrical systems.

This scuttling represents losses for the ship's Norwegian underwriters and for Japanese investors who were partners with the owner of the Skarbakk.

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United Community of Erris, Co Mayo, Remove Shell Nets.

28-04-2009 18:14

Shell nets collected, shredded and bagged for export, by a united community.
“There is no land that can rightfully be called ‘Shell’s land’. This land is our land”. – Local Resident

Following a cowardly and vicious attack in the dead of night by Shell mercenaries on Willie Corduff in the early hours of Thursday 23rd April 2009, members of the Erris community assisted by national supporters opposed to the Shell Corrib Gas Project, united at 3pm on Sunday 26th April to rid the Glengad beach and cliffs of Shell nets.

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UK and IMF complicit in the Tamil Genocide?

28-04-2009 17:41

Following the 750bn IMF Emergency funding received at the recent G20 leader's Summit in London, the first real test to any improvement in the abysmal human rights record of the International Monetary Fund has been fortified by a 'letter before (legal) action' to the British Government.
This follows similar legal measures taken in the U.S on the Treasury and representative to the IMF.
Miliband visits Sri Lanka on Wed as a legal challenge UK government over IMF funding is mounted.

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World Day for Lab Animals March in Chile

28-04-2009 17:25

Saturday, 25th April: About 500 people marched in the centre of Santiago against vivisection. The march started with a performance that represented a person wounded by vivisectors, expressing how people and humans suffer and feel the same.

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Aftermath of the BDR mutiny; state murders and class struggles in Bangladesh

28-04-2009 17:23

Updates on;
1) deaths in custody of suspects in the February Bangladeshi Rifles (BDR) army mutiny,
2) the increasing unrest in the Bangladeshi garment industry and state measures to contain it.

Submitted by Ret Marut on Apr 28 2009

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Nuclear-Free Future Walk from Geneva to Brussels is underway

28-04-2009 16:47

The Footprints for Peace International Walk towards a Nuclear-Free Future from Geneva to Brussels set off on Sunday, 26 April 2009, on the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster: the world's worst ever civil nuclear accident.

In 2007, the group walked for 12 weeks from Dublin to London via Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, and last year walked for 12 weeks from London to Geneva through France.

En route to their destination they will pass through five countries: Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Individuals are invited to join them along the way, for as long as they like.

More details here:

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Cardiff demonstration against charter flight to Nigeria-29/04

28-04-2009 16:01

There has been news of an ‘Ethnic Charter Flight’ to Nigeria on 29th April 2009 via Ireland. Immigration detainees have received removal directions on flight PVT007 to Dublin at 18:00 connecting with PVT008 to Lagos at 21:00.

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War against the Tamil people

28-04-2009 15:42

Photos 25th/ 26th April

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Afghan name-reading at army showroom in east London

28-04-2009 15:26

Outside the new army showroom - Copyright (c) D. Viesnik 2009
Belated report of vigil held on Thursday 9 April, just before Easter.

Catholic Workers Counter-recruitment at Dalston Military Showroom

In these times of escalating war on Afghanistan/Pakistan (Af-Pak) and crashing economy, the British military have opened a recruitment/showroom in low income Dalston, London. The showroom is "home to a virtual battlefield stimulator which gives vistors a chance to use their friends as target practice with a replica AF80). handgun (Go figure?). Outraged Mothers Against Guns, Lucy Cope, said it was grossly insensitive to house the showroom in a borough that has been plagued by gun violence." Hackney Gazette

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The Palestine Today 042809

28-04-2009 15:14


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday April 28th 2009.