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Bristol peace activists Baghdad diary - March 27th

28-03-2003 21:20

Please note new tel. 009641 7192303 / 7184290 room 506

more here :

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Empowering anti-war protest in Edinburgh

28-03-2003 21:14

quick native reporting :-) about Critical Mass.

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Yankkkeees are losing Morale

28-03-2003 21:07

Conflict sapping forces' morale
By Andrew North With US marines in Nasiriyah
despite total control of the skies,massivve air power and all the smart bombs blood money can buy. The coalition forces have found themselves to be right in the shit.and the media coverage is on the same sort of level shite !!

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Hitler made the Bush family stinking rich!

28-03-2003 19:35

The present situation in the USA (and in the world) is in a way a continuation of Hitlers politics. That is not just some left rhetorics. G.W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush was in fact a racist banker who probably did more for Hitler than anyone else in the US, Henry Ford included.
After having studied these matters, no one should be surprised to find out that the world view of the present leader of the US, is racist, geoplolitical, neo-malthusian and social darwinist.

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Demo Edinburgh 29th (This Sat)

28-03-2003 19:30

Check the Edinburgh Stop the War coalition website for confirmation

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28-03-2003 19:26

whereabout of shield site

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FAIRFORD G10 Peace Camp update

28-03-2003 18:41

FAIRFORD G10 Peace Camp update
G10 Peacewatch at USAF is nearing it's first month birthday - despite a range of eviction attempts and continued heavy police presence the camp is still there and planning to stay as long as the bombers are at Fairford. (article 1)

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28-03-2003 18:25

STOP THE WAR ! (article 1)

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THE POWER OF ONE VOICE (Letter from a War survivor to Mr.Bush)

28-03-2003 17:57

As women we are very moved by this letter, requires a lot of courage to write the truth! Very profound, very touching.

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Anti-War protests - UK timeline - March 22

28-03-2003 17:52

On the third day of war ravaging, people made their opposition clear across the UK in big rallies and blockades in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, as well as at the military base Fairford and the spy station Menwith Hill.

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Government 'regrets' distress ........??? !!!!!!!

28-03-2003 17:40

Government 'regrets' distress ........??? !!!!!!!
Story filed: 15:42 Friday 28th March 2003 - ananova

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oxford street shutdown idea

28-03-2003 16:38

Oxford Street Shutdown/Snakemarch after the last stop The war march inspired many... Shall we call a mass action for every Saturday starting April 5th?

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Seattle Protesters' New Tactics

28-03-2003 14:39

In Seattle, Washington, USA, peaceful protesters were surrounded by riot police without badges or nametags, snipers, machine guns and more for days on end after Bush declared war. Intimidation and what appear to be 1st Amendment violations on hundreds of peaceful protesters ensued. Seattle protesters are thinking about new tactics for peaceful protests in police state conditions imposed on them last/this week...

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Picket your local army recruitment office: see list

28-03-2003 13:58

Protest war at your local army recruitment office: all offices listed in alphabetical order.

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Last night's Cardiff protest

28-03-2003 13:15

One week on, the war's still wrong!
What happened on Thursday night in Cardiff.

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Israeli military invades ISM office -Jenin

28-03-2003 13:06

The Latest ISM report

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What is war?

28-03-2003 13:03

A link to some short video files showing Iraqi pow, and Bush declaring that this war is a decree from God

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Menwith Hill Photos 22/03/03

28-03-2003 13:02

Menwith Hill Photos 22/03/03
Sorry, forgot to save them as jpegs.. will try again :) (article 1)

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Leeds M27 Protests Mark 1 Week of Illegal War & Target BBC

28-03-2003 12:59

Leeds M27 Protests Mark 1 Week of Illegal War & Target BBC
Leeds Protesters Mark 1 Week of War by Targeting BBC. But there are real tensions in this local movement.
(article 10)

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Hunt Sab Press Release

28-03-2003 12:58

Saboteurs attacked at hunt of Countryside Alliance Director 26th March 2003.
Huntsmen create their own war as they attack saboteurs.
23rd March 2003