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handy hints for anarchists-trot baiting!

02-11-2001 02:31

handy hints for baiting marxist/leninist/trot sects #1

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Blair attempting to fast-track Ilisu Dam project

02-11-2001 01:02

Recent reports tell how Tony Blair is trying to push through approval for the Ilisu Dam Project, in order to ensure Turkey's support in the Afhgan conflict, despite opposition to the dam from within the government.

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Remember what it's about

02-11-2001 00:57

In opposing the war, it's as well to remember that it's not between democracy and terrorism. It's between the globalist state and us. Jim Marrs covers the main issues.

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Oxford Stop the War Public Meeting

01-11-2001 23:08

A public meeting in Oxford tonight drew more than 500 people. Speakers included Jeremy Corbyn MP, Kate Hudson (Vice-Chair of CND) and Mike Woodin of the Green Party.

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MPs rebel over war vote

01-11-2001 23:00

Thursday, 1 November, 2001, 20:35 GMT
MPs rebel over war vote
A total of 13 MPs voted on a technicality in what was
described as a symbolic move to register protest
against the war.

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Why Anarchists Oppose Militarism and Nationalism

01-11-2001 22:55

Anarchists believe in waging a class war - fighting for the rights of the working class against the wealthy classes who exploit their labor for profit, and ultimately fighting for a society where class does not exist.

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Support Berkeley, California Anti-War Resolution

01-11-2001 22:27

Berkeley, California City Council has passed a resolution condemning the war in Afghanistan, but faces boycotts by those supporting U.S. war.

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01-11-2001 21:47

Fuck the police

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CNN Says Focus on Civilian Casualties Would Be "Perverse"

01-11-2001 21:28

According to the Washington Post (10/31/01), CNN Chair Walter Isaacson "has ordered his staff to balance images of civilian devastation in Afghan cities with reminders that the Taliban harbors murderous terrorists, saying it 'seems perverse to focus too much on the casualties or hardship in Afghanistan.'

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01-11-2001 20:57

Each have the same thing in common in that they are both paying the penalty for massive debts, accumulated from past loans. Whereas the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are imposing massive austerity measures on Argentina, it is Whitehall that is forcing Hackney to push through crippling cuts to our services around the borough. It may seem wrong to equate suffering in Hackney with that of a third world nation, but real hardship has and is occurring in Hackney, with its root cause being the debt crisis.

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Dont miss it!! BBC2 this Sunday!!

01-11-2001 19:54

Excellent expose on the effects of World Bank and IMF policy towards the developing world.

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How Blair's Syria gamble failed

01-11-2001 18:24

How Blair's Syria gamble failed

Attempt to rein in 'rogue state' proves disastrous

"Blair spins out of control" !!!

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Ex-MI5 man wins public interest plea

01-11-2001 17:56

FORMER MI5 agent David Shayler today won permission
to appeal to the House of Lords against earlier court
decisions barring his public interest defence to Official
Secrets Act charges.

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01-11-2001 17:36

Help Native American PP eddie hatcher by launching phone and faxs !

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More Terrorism in Northern Ireland

01-11-2001 17:26

Some events in the north over the past 3 days.

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Endeavour rolled to pad under cloak of secrecy

01-11-2001 16:57

With a pair of F-15 fighter jets seen flying overhead, space shuttle Endeavour made the slow crawl to the launch pad today at Kennedy Space Center amid extraordinary secrecy never before experienced for such a routine event.

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Urgent action required to avert starvation

01-11-2001 16:21

famines in over 30 countries go unnoticed and unreported

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Black jailed activist in USA near death, support needed

01-11-2001 16:06

Robert M. Mitchell is an imprisoned Black activist in Battle Creek, Michigan, who is being framed up on racist charges of holding a white female "hostage" in her home since last year.

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@ Kurd is free.

01-11-2001 16:00

(Dervis Orhan was a prisoner who had been found guilty
for being PKK member in 1990; later left his previous
ideas and organization. Since in mid 90s he defines
himself as an "anarchist".)

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Support the Kurdz!

01-11-2001 15:57

EVENTS LIST November 2001
for Halkevi, Kurdish students, KCC Haringey, KCC, South London, Croyden, KHRP etc.