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March to Defend Jobs, Services and Education

09-05-2009 13:15

Saturday 23 May, 2009. Assemble 11.00am at Highbury Fields, N1.

Demonstration and March from Highbury Fields to a Rally in Archway Park.

Supported by Islington National Union of Teachers, Public & Commercial Services Union., London Metropolitan University Unison & University and College Union.

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The Big Art Project and those cooling towers:

09-05-2009 10:45

Just how 'public' is Public Art? How much influence do you have over what lands up where you live? What do everyday people really like? The Big Art Project asks all the big questions about Public Art.

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Tamil Youth statement on Sri Lanka PM @ Pretoria inauguration

09-05-2009 08:50

Press statement issued by
Tamil Youth Organisation of South Africa

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Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee a disgrace

09-05-2009 01:13

Paul Hoolihan PCMC Chairman
This article is about human rights abuses and the systemic failure of the government (including the PCMC) to act on severe school bullying, education discrimination and judicial abuse and corruption.

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Public meeting: Stop the deportations of the Pakistani students

09-05-2009 00:19

Stop the Criminalization of muslims. There will be two public meetings in Manchester in response to the decision by the Home Office to deport muslims for opaque reasons of "national security" despite no evidence being found, apart from possession of sugar and photographs of Manchester landmarks, for the much publicised "very big terrorist plot" as the Prime Minister called it, just before 12 men were arrested and detained for almost two weeks before being released without charge into detention by the immigration authorities where they may remain for several years pending their appeal against arbitrary deportation. If civil rights aren't for you, forget about these meetings.

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Death of a Tunisian woman at Ponte Galeria detention centre in Rome

09-05-2009 00:05

Death of a Tunisian woman at Ponte Galeria detention centre in Rome: another victim of state murder.

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Report from Vanni, Tamil 'safe zone'

08-05-2009 23:02

Subject: FOOD NEEDED for 165,000 Tamil people who are trapped in the Mullivaikkal area of Wanni

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Update: Sima is still here

08-05-2009 21:54

Thank you to all those who had time to support the campaign to stop Sima Valand's deportation. We are pleased to report that Sima was not deported today for reasons that are still unclear to us. Obviously this is great news but she will still need to fight future deportations and for the right to remain. Please look out for further callouts for support.

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The trial against the Cap Anamur enters its decisive stage. Help needed!

08-05-2009 19:27

Humanitarian aid is never a crime. Solidarity with Elias Bierdeland and Captain Stefan Schmidt. Please sign the brief appeal (below in english, italian and german) and
help to distribute to further lists and websites.

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Hossam Eid has handed the campaign back to Mandy Ford

08-05-2009 19:16

Following a spat and "take over" ...Hossam Eid has handed the campaign back to Mandy Ford. No, we did not "report him to the cops" he volunteered to leave.
Re : Campaign updates : We will be contacting Northwest Holst soil engineers this week to see what their findings are regarding the safety assessment carried out upon the site. We will let you know what they say. See below.

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Report Meeting 6 May 2009 Cheetham Hill Terror raids

08-05-2009 19:15

At the above meeting on 6 May, demonstration was called for 6pm on Saturday 9 May 2009 as part of the process to build an anti-deportation campaign against the deportation of the 11 Pakistani students arrested in Cheetham Hill in April, some of whom are held in Strangeways prison, Salford.

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SOCPA has withered away

08-05-2009 18:15

The name-reading ceremony for the Afghan war dead proceeded opposite Parliament without any attention from the police today - despite the use of a loudhailer (banned under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act)

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Pirates vs. Emperors

08-05-2009 18:02

New America Media, Commentary, Posted: May 07, 2009

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Banks:Who needs them?

08-05-2009 17:41

Annual Dayschool in Glasgow

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Keeping up with the Californians, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gavin Newsom

08-05-2009 17:35

California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who now aspires to succeed him, both think that the rest of the world, and, most of all Detroit, should get hip to California's cutting edge environmental fashion. Both do their part for the planet by owning $100,000 plus, all-electric Teslas, the new cars for the stars and star politicians.

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Camden Veggie Bar Inspiral Lounge Hit By The Dance Police

08-05-2009 17:04

Inspiral Lounge in Camden, the best and most well know vegge cafe in Camden, has been hit by The Dance Police. The venue is allowed to have DJ but people are not allowed to dance say newspapers and the venues owner / manager. People have said the police make regular vists to monitor toe tapping, dancing, dancing, swaying or otherwise moving in adance like way to the music. Bah Poo we say!

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Guilty Until Proven Guilty

08-05-2009 16:57

In December last year, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the current legal framework for the UK DNA database was a violation of fundamental rights... the judges said they had been "struck by the blanket and indiscriminate nature" of the government's powers to take and keep DNA samples from anyone arrested (including those who are subsequently released without charge, or found not guilty in court). This ruling does not seem to have concerned our government a great deal.

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On the suicide of a Tunisian woman in detention in Italy

08-05-2009 16:32

Home is where you wanna die
"A 44 years old woman was found hanged in her cell at the CIE (center or better prison for migrants' identification and expulsion) of Ponte Galeria in Rome".

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Cameron Amused by Maggie/Boris Arty Funeral Poster Stunt

08-05-2009 16:29

Cameron approaching ...
Took my latest artistic poster “No State Funeral for Thatcher or Boris Johnson” up to Carlton-le-Willows School in Gedling, Notts on Thursday evening (7th May) to show to Tory leader David Cameron who was doing a Q&A session with local constituents.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 19 2009

08-05-2009 16:26


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for May 2nd through the 8th, 2009.