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Iraqi/Kurds - Charter Flight to Erbil on Tuesday 16th August!

14-08-2005 23:34

There will be a number of removals of Iraqi/Kurds to Erbil in the Kurdish Autonomous Zone of Iraq on Tuesday 16th August.

It has been known for some time that the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is intent on establishing 'Charter Flights' direct to Erbil. We do not know at this time if the flight on Tuesday is a 'Charter Flight'.

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Another incident. Is housing activist till being targeted?

14-08-2005 23:12

Yet another incident. How long will I have to wait until these heartless housing association officers decide to move me to adequate accommodation?

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NHS doomed, while arms trade is subsidised to the tune of 1 billion a year

14-08-2005 22:33

Acording to Britain's most senior doctor, a tax funed National Health Service which is free for everyone to use is unsustainable and should be scrapped. Meanwhile, the British Arms Industry enjoys a cool £1 billion in handouts from the tax payer.

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Hyde Park Unity Day Photos 2005

14-08-2005 21:55

Photos from Leeds Unity day in Hyde Park.

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People- power wins the day!

14-08-2005 20:14

Southend Borough Council back down on plans to destroy local allotments for school-twinning development

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Illegal Roadstone Quarry in Peak District National Park Sabotaged

14-08-2005 19:58

Earlier this summer an illegal roadstone quarry at Back Dale Quarry, on Longstone Edge Nr Bakewell was targeted by saboteurs.

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Wakefield Gay pride day Photo's

14-08-2005 18:38

in drag
Photo's Of gay pride Day

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Stop UK Immigration deporting women on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood to Uganda

14-08-2005 18:00

Uganda is as unsafe as any other country that people are fleeing and UK immigration must be made to acknowledge that.

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Solitary confinement for Ugandan hunger Striker

14-08-2005 14:53

In recent minutes officers at Yarl's Wood detention centre have tried to put Ugandan hunger striker Harriet Anyangokolo into solitary confinement.

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Kids from Palestine perform in London

14-08-2005 14:22

A'edoon - We Will Return

Making their world debut with this UK tour, youth from
Balata Refugee Camp, Palestine will make a stop to
perform their powerful original piece, A’edoon
in London on Tuesday the 23rd of August, at St Georges

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Racism & the GMP - The police's secret hunt for BBC mole.

14-08-2005 14:07

(The Observer) - Greater Manchester Police secretly targeted a black officer who co-operated with a BBC documentary that exposed racism at a police college.

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Ugandan hunger strike women facing imminent deportation

14-08-2005 13:58

Some of the Ugandan hunger strikers in Yarl's Wood detention center are facing imminent deportation, as they reach their third week of hunger strike.

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DISARM DSEi direct action training - 28th August

14-08-2005 13:47

A day of discussion, skill sharing and hands-on workshops with an emphasis on affinity group actions. The morning will focus on the basics of affinity group actions; the how, why what, where and when. Find out how to form a small gorup and work together to take effective action. The afternoon will be an opportunity to explore some more specific tactics and how they have been used against DSEi, the world's largest arms fair.

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Workshops and Stalls needed for DISARM DSEi conference

14-08-2005 13:17

DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) will this year be held from 13 - 16 September at ExCeL, London Docklands. DISARM DSEi is planning a week of action and resistance, including two days of workshops on Sunday 11th and Monday 12th September. These will be held in our convergence centre, in East London.

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German police raid activists' house for using 'Yomango' on website

14-08-2005 09:50

From 5th to 13th August, over 100 activists gathered for a week of discussions, socialising and action at the Prekär Camp 2005, an action camp raising issues of precarity, and its impact on daily life and social movements, near Lüchow, north east of Hamburg, Germany.

On Wednesday 10th August, activists from the camp evicted a local social benefits office in Lüchow of its executive, who is according to activists "well known for his strict and inhuman interpretation of the new german labour and social security benefit laws". The following day, police raided and searched a house for an alledged call for criminal offences on the pracarity camp's website. It has now become clear this was in relation to the use of the word 'Yomango' on the website.

The offices of 'Anti-Atom-Aktuell', a monthly grassroots magazine on anti-nuclear issues, were also affected by the raid. They have given out a statement, explaining they are unable to work as equipment and papers have been seized. Some people say the police intentionally raided the offices of the magazine in an attempt to repress media activists. Furthermore, Anti-Atom-Aktuell being a prominant source of information within the anti-nuclear movement, the repression against the magazine, located in the region of the Castor-Protests, is considered by some as an attack on the movement in general. Early July, german police also raided the offices of LabourNet; a german website adressing issues of (un)employment and precarity.

Websites: Precarity Camp | Anti-Atom-Aktuell | Yomango | LabourNet | Photos benefits office eviction

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Public Meeting. Brighton. We are all Terror Suspects.

14-08-2005 07:27

As a result of “Terror” legislation, the age old right to peacefully protest is under serious threat, with the banning of protest being introduced in central London and laws designed to protect people from stalkers being used to imprison people involved in protest as well as I.D cards, tagging, torture, imprisonment without trial…

Speakers from CAMPACC, Haldane Society Of Socialist Lawyers, Statewatch and Smash Edo (a Brighton based campaign to close down Edo/Mbm arms dealers) will discuss these and other subjects.

This meeting is free and open to all.
Wed 14th September 7-9pm
@Sussex arts club, 7 Ship Street. Brighton

Called by Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC). Smash Edo. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and Stateswatch.

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The Day Democracy Died?

14-08-2005 01:11

Colin Fox, leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, is one of four MSPs facing a month's ban from Parliament for protesting in the chamber. Here, he explains their actions and examines the implications of the ban.

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Notes from new Palestine: revolutionary suicidal tendencies

13-08-2005 22:49

anthany james dawson
it has been 6 years since the martyredome of anthony james dawson and the silence remains by all who thought they once meant something to activism as they lay cozy in union jobs. all the deaf, dumb and blind and coopted media run by the sycophants of can west mediocrity, be it the mainstream facist press to the sellout alternia-rags sold out to arrogant bigots with tunnel vision, no imagination and with axes to grind, still hold no sense to know the question – what time is it?

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Voting on their money problems, Germans will boost nuclear industry

13-08-2005 21:31

Should Germans pitch out their Social Democrat-Greens government next month because they think the Conservatives will put more money back into their purses, they’ll be getting a nuclear industry boost into the bargain.

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Dale Farm Photos

13-08-2005 20:24

A group of activists from Cambridge and London visted today the Dale Farm traveller site, that is under threat of eviction. Here are two photos of the bariccaded entrance -- showing the determination to resist and stop evictions!