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Paris riots become increasingly politicised

11-11-2005 17:38

The youth involved in the suburban riots since a forthnight become increasingly politicised. Strategies appear to be changing with callouts to take to the streets in the centre of Paris. French police responds by forbidding every public assembly in public places for Saturday and Sunday.

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BOOK ON CIA's SECRET JAILS: "Operation Hotel California" by Guido Olimpio

11-11-2005 16:56

CIA Flights to Hotel California (asterisks*)
The first book-length expose of CIA kidnappings and prisons -- two of the greatest evils in the Bush government, and the world -- by the Italian investigative journalist Guido Olimpio is here, and it's new and as current as todays news stories about the CIA's secret jails! The book is a must-read for anyone wanting to know about the CIA's practice of "rendition": kidnapping people and transporting them to places like Egypt for torture.

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Community activist threatened with an Asbo

11-11-2005 16:47

Keith Parkins, a local community activist, has been threatened with an Asbo, for daring to criticise and object to town centre development plans.

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video of shell saro-wiwa action

11-11-2005 15:56

in november 1995, nigerian writer and activist, ken saro-wiwa, and 8 of his colleagues were executed by the military regime for campaigning against the devastation of the niger delta by oil multi-national shell. yesterday, demonstrators dropped nine nooses infront of the shell uk headquarters on the south bank to highlight the anniversary and highlight the current struggle on the north west of ireland, where shell is set to transform a remote conservation area into an environmental disaster zone with public health and safety implications.

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Arena prattle and Panorama puff

11-11-2005 15:12

THe Arena programme on Diana's Panorama interview (10th anniversary) was a pack of lies - thye BBC should be taken to task

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Remember the Slaughter of WW1

11-11-2005 14:09

Remembering the Slaughter of Millions of Poor People in WW1

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11-11-2005 14:08

Chris Coverdale

The 11th person to be arrested for protesting in Parliament Square ordered back to court

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Remember, remember the 5th ogf November speaks to us now

11-11-2005 14:04

The Gunpowder plot of 1605 has lessons for us today. Then as now a disaffected religious minority sought to undermine the state

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Police admit spy cameras in Hyde Park

11-11-2005 13:48

Around midnight on the 8th of November, whilst walking back to my house in Hyde Park I happened upon some young chavs who decided to pull a knife on me and threatened to stab me if I refused to give them my phone. So I gave it to them, got home and reported it to the police.

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The Iraq Deception NEW REPORT

11-11-2005 13:03

View the latest reports regarding the Iraq Deception press releases and meeting dates

Go too or

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11-11-2005 12:57

Meeting too be held in the Grand Committee Room Parliament London Tuesday 15th November 2005 at 7pm

for MP's Peers and all the MEDIA REPRESENATIVES

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Climate Change: Public Meeting at SOAS

11-11-2005 12:10

SOAS Green Group and the Campaign Against Climate Change (CaCC) are co-hosting a public meeting at SOAS this Wednesday 16th at 5.30pm in the JCR of the Student's Union.

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Strikers in need of support

11-11-2005 11:55

the latest issue of Unfinished business is now out on PDF. UB is an agitional newspaper produced by the Northwest Anarchist Federation. check it out at:

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County Mayo solidarity benefit gig - Saturday night

11-11-2005 11:21

MAYO ANTI SHELL ACTIVISTS: speaking tour & benefit party with Veggie Café, Irish Coffee, Bar and music.

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NERC induced Property price crash

11-11-2005 09:35

It is estimated that thousands of homes across England and Wales currently accessed by a minor public roads, will suffer substantial loss of value following the introduction of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) bill.

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Bomb Iran

11-11-2005 03:21

Too peaceful by far.
Iranians are tourists>

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11-11-2005 00:00

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, and Cuba.

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Terror suspects 'kept in dark'

10-11-2005 23:03

Kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions
"They're all kept in solitary confinement, they're kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions and they're very oppressive," he said.

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Calais Demo: “Solidarity!" that one powerful word

10-11-2005 22:54

Here is a translation of an article from the regional newspaper on the noborder demo last Saturday, 6 November, in Calais, on the other side of the channel.

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London: Remembering Kristallnacht and Protecting Civil Liberties

10-11-2005 22:04

Jewish campaigners are holding a public meeting in London, Sunday 13 November in a bid to resist government attacks on civil liberties. The meeting is timed to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht in 1938.