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Public Demonstration Italian Embassy

23-04-2008 17:19

This release is to let you know that on the 25th April a demonstration will be held in support of a larger public demonstration, which is taking place in Italy on the same day across hundreds of piazzas. Our group endorses and supports Beppe Grillo’s proposals regarding the re-establishment of a rule-of-law and transparency in our Country

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Britain’s teachers and civil servants to take one-day strike action

23-04-2008 16:04

For the first time in 21 years, teachers in the National Union of Teachers (NUT) will come out on a one-day strike on April 24 in opposition to the government’s imposition of a 2.45 percent pay award. With the current rate of inflation running at 4.1 percent this represents a pay cut in real terms. To make things worse, the pay award offered in January runs for three years—with a 2.45 percent increase in September, and just 2.3 percent in each of the following two years.

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Israeli 'Compensation' Becomes Bribe of UK Government

23-04-2008 15:59

So if the Government refuses, will Israel rescind its offer ... ?

Note that all of these murdered people were helping Palestinians, and were trying to tell the whole story of Zionism's war to the world.

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Benefit for direct action @ rampART 25 April - hip hop, dubstep, afro beat funk

23-04-2008 15:43

flyer - front
THE PEOPLES ARMY Makes a one off mission to East London, Friday 25th April - 9pm-6am
@ rampART, 15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)
- The Speakers Corner family & The Peoples Army host an all night session of Live Hip Hop, Live Afro Beat Funk, Reggae & Late night Dubstep.

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Stop the UK Military Academy - March in Cardiff!

23-04-2008 14:57

Assemble 1.30 pm, Cathays Park
(opposite Museum/City Hall, Cardiff
Saturday 26 April

Activists from the RAYTHEON 9 will be speaking at the end of the march

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Palestine Today 042308

23-04-2008 14:56

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday April 23rd, 2008.

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Why DID they "remember St George" . . . . then try to recuperate him ????

23-04-2008 14:31

seeing as its "St Georges Day" today, as current debates discuss if we should call it as a Holiday, a few bits of the backstory you mightnt hear about in most places

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Iran Will Cooperate with UN Probe into US/Israeli Allegations

23-04-2008 13:31

As was the case with Iraq, the Neo-Fascists desperate to start another war have forced their potential victim to once again Prove a Negative.

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Burger King planning to sell foie gras

23-04-2008 13:06

Burger has announced that it plans to sell a foie gras burger...

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Casilino 900: urgent appeal against the persecution of the Roma in Italy

23-04-2008 12:40

The persecution of the Rroms (Roma) in Italy: EveryOne Group and the Committee for the Rights of the Roma of Casilino 900 have launched an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights following a serious humanitarian emergency at the Casilino 900 camp, in Rome.

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MJB Tour comes to Sheffield

23-04-2008 12:27

The Movement for Justice in El Barrio tour will be hosted by Sheffield Anarchist Federation on Wednesday 7th May @ the SADACCA Centre. The Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a social justice campaign from East Harlem connected with the Zapatista movement who fight against gentrification of their neighbourhoods and exploitative landlords.

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Sunday Public Meeting | 2012 Council of Resistance

23-04-2008 12:12

This Sunday Public Meeting
1-4pm Conservatory Cafe Methodist Hall

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NCADC News Service / Events April/May 2008

23-04-2008 10:58

"Another G8 summit is ahead and London No Borders propose a protest in London on
July 5th, the international day of action." For more information please go to or e-mail the initiative at:

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Covering Israel-Palestine - The BBC'S Double Standards

23-04-2008 10:30

An Exchange With The BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen

The media reported last week that at least 22 people, including five Palestinian children, had been killed during Israeli ‘incursions’ into Gaza. The Israeli military ‘operations’ were ‘sparked’ by a Hamas ambush that had left three Israeli soldiers dead. Reporting followed the usual script that Israel’s state-of-the-art weaponry is deployed as ‘retaliation’ for ‘militant’ Palestinian attacks.

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More than a game: Scientology's policy of intimidation

23-04-2008 09:47

"ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."
- L Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 18 October 67 Issue IV, Penalties for Lower Conditions

Every time we talk to a critic of Scientology you within hours come up and say "That's an extortionist, that's a sexual pervert." It's as if you are terrified of anyone criticising your organisation. It's as if there's something that you've got to hide.
- BBC Reporter John Sweeney to Church of Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, "Panorama: Scientology and Me"

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Corporate Vultures Target Repossessions

23-04-2008 09:30

Pretty obvious really. As land prices soar. And we pay. Assetz management, Stockport.

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World Food Crisis and Starvation: Made in America

23-04-2008 03:35

In America—especially in white America—we take food abundance for granted. From sushi to steak to salad and smoothies, countless food choices are part of our daily routine and a key component of our leisure and fun. One hundred and thirty-four million of us—75 percent of the adult U.S. population—are obese or overweight. (

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Reclaim the Uni! Manchester students storm University building

23-04-2008 00:35

Demo flyer
Around 350 students on the 'Reclaim the Uni' demo occupied a new building in protest against cuts in contact hours and the business-led approach to higher education. Police attempted to obstruct the march before the occupation, but students broke their lines and side-skirted their blockades. A conference was held inside the building and a set of demands was issued to the University.

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ALF/FLA Direct Action

22-04-2008 23:02

22nd March