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Still people imprisoned in Switzerland!!

13-06-2003 11:20

The situation in Lausanne is that there are still people in prison who were arrested almost 2 weeks ago and are being kept on charges that in no way justify their prolonged incarceration. The police has denied the antirepression group access to the lists of people who were arrested/charged and released so we have NO IDEA how many people could still be imprisoned.

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The best democracy money can buy

13-06-2003 10:36

Bestselling author and investigative journalist (BBC, Guardian) GREG PALAST talks about THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY ("Courageous reporting... read this book!" - Michael Moore, author of Stupid White Men) in London from Saturday 14th to Thursday 19th June 2003.

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Cmabodian Police fire on Sweat Shop Protest

13-06-2003 10:30

At least one person has died after Cambodian police opened fire on hundreds of protesting garment workers in the capital, Phnom Penh.

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13-06-2003 10:30

South East London Squat being illegaly evicted

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Hamas leader Abd-al-Aziz murder ordered by Zionist Cabal

13-06-2003 10:30

Bush may have spoken out against Israeli preemptive strike against leaders of Hamas, but five generals took the decision to assassinate Hamas leader Abd-al-Aziz al-Rantissi: the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Chief-of-Staff and the chiefs of the Mossad and the Security Service.
Article from GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322 Tel-Aviv 61033 - June 12, 2003

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Indymedia London Cinema

13-06-2003 10:10

What: Screening at the Spitz
When: Monday June 16th - this coming Monday
Where: 109 Commercial Street, E1
What: Focussing on the G8
Time: 8 PM startish

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MONSANTO: 'Selling Food.Health.Hope (tm)'?

13-06-2003 09:45

"Imagine a world where giant chemical corporations control the food we eat, the seeds we grow and the water we drink. Imagine a world where it is not even possible to save a seed without facing up to seven years in prison..."

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13-06-2003 09:37

Brown has taken over.

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US carries out operation in Iraq against "bad guys"

13-06-2003 09:35

US troops in Iraq carry out operation, arresting large numbers of Iraqis. One US helicopter is shot down.

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Swiss consulate in Barcelona occupied!!!!! Call for solidarity actions!!

13-06-2003 08:36

This Friday morning we have occupied the Swiss consulate in Barcelona to protest against the repression that took place at the G8 and in particular against what happened to the English electrician Martin Shaw. We intend to stay untill our demands are met by the Swiss government. We call for an international effort to put pressure on the Swiss government and we ask groups to take action, to picket and/or send the text below to the Swiss embassies.

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Israel and Gaza: The News While Awaiting the Presence of Justice

13-06-2003 06:02

"I am very pleased that President Bush has included in his supplemental budget request that just went to Congress $1 billion in Foreign Military Financing funds to help Israel strengthen its military and civil defenses. And that's just for starters." Colin Powell, AIPACA: March 30, 2003

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Self Liberating Spirit

13-06-2003 04:36

Contemplation about liberation of humans from authority. - Individual freedom of all human beings is an indispensable condition for a just, peaceful and egalitarian harmony in their relations. At the present, only a tiny minority of people in the world is experiencing a life in the vicinity of what may be described as freedom to develop their natural capacity as humans and realize their dreams.

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13-06-2003 02:24

California Safe Schools Coalition created the most stringent pesticide policy for schools in the nation at Los Angeles Unified (2nd largest school district in nation). Policy embraces THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE, and includes PARENT RIGHT TO KNOW. To ensure implementation a 15 member Pest Management Team meets monthly.

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Killings Planned At American Torture Camp Guantanama

13-06-2003 02:00

US military officials are making preparations for the trial and possible execution of captives held in Guantanamo Bay, including the construction of a "death chamber".

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Pinter Blasts 'Nazi America' and 'Deluded Idiot Blair

13-06-2003 01:46

The playwright Harold Pinter last night likened George W Bush's administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, saying the US was charging towards world domination while the American public and Britain's "mass-murdering" prime minister, Tony Blair, sat back and watched.

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Saudi Slander of Anti-Globalists

13-06-2003 01:06

Saudi Slander of Anti-Globalist Demonstrators

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NoBorderCamp in Timisoara

12-06-2003 20:40

Since last monday, 9th of june a first rumanian nobordercamp takes place in timisoara - near the hungarian and yugoslavian border.

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Poverty: The ILO’s Overwhelming Report

12-06-2003 20:28

By Laurent Mossu
Le Figaro
Monday 09 June 2003

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Photographer Shot in Geneva Returns to London

12-06-2003 20:11


For immediate release June 12 2003


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Faslane Peace Camp's Birthday Blockade of Rolls-Royce

12-06-2003 19:54


12TH JUNE 2003