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Convergence(57) Centre News - possesion order

01-05-2001 10:21

persons unknown have served forthwith this evening
a draft form claiming posession of the Old Bacon Factory (Convergence 57).

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Sites blocked by school networks

01-05-2001 09:58

Sites blocked by school networks
Sites in support of the Mayday protests have been blocked by the RM network used in most schools in the UK.

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Rythms of Resistance!!

01-05-2001 09:51

10 secs - audio

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Loss to the economy

01-05-2001 09:51

"The loss to London's economy was estimated at £10 million even before the protests" reports London's Evening Standard

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01-05-2001 09:20

Sydney protests kicked off...

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Hackney Council Workers Strike on MayDay

01-05-2001 09:18

Thousends of Council workers on strike in Hackney as part of Dispute over cuts in wages and services

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Protest Against The Privatisation Of Life Gets Off To an Embarrassing Start

01-05-2001 09:17

The supposed protest against the patenting of pharmaceuticals fails to start.

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Jack Straw is giving a press conference

01-05-2001 08:48

Jack Straw is giving a Press Conference today.

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Police attack Critical Mass

01-05-2001 08:25

Police have promised a heavy-handed approach for Mayday, and they have started to fulfill their promise earlier than many have expected.

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May 1st Media Roundup 0800

01-05-2001 07:33

Morning Maydayers!

Just a brief taste of some of the corporate media coverage splshing across papers and websites this morning...

Still, enough reading - time for action :-)

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Fire your boss-May 1st!

01-05-2001 07:25

Fire your boss-May 1st!
Time for you to unshackle your chains and put the bosses to work!

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Communique from the Faerie Resistance Troupe

01-05-2001 06:04

initial communique from the faerie resistance troupe

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Mayday in Australia

01-05-2001 03:41

Mayday in Australia
Actions kicked off this morning in Melbourne - see for coverage
Actions are happening in Sydney and other locations too.

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CAAT. Only Joking at BAE Systems?

01-05-2001 01:52

CAAT. Only Joking at BAE Systems?
Sometime during the night (just about 2am) a number of placards appeared stuck with heavy duty tape to the windows and railings of the plush BAE Systems' building.

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Doctors Mayday! Mayday! protest.

30-04-2001 21:22

Over 1,000 GP's are making their own form of mayday protest,
according to news reports.

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Convergence Centre - Latest News

30-04-2001 20:34

Now look what they have pulled out of their bag .. Convergence Centre News

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Update: Evening Standard poll shows overwhelming support for Mayday demo

30-04-2001 20:18

The London newspaper The Evening Standard has been running an online poll: so far 73% who have participated have voted in favour of the demonstrations

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Convergence Centre Update

30-04-2001 17:56

Another update about the Convergence Centre for May Day

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Irish Liberation and May Day

30-04-2001 17:51

IRSP statement on May Day

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bbc wary of filming 'trouble'

30-04-2001 17:42

bbc camera folk are advised not to film any 'trouble' this year as police tried to get footage last year, lawyers or courts prevented them but with terrorism act in place this year they are not sure they can stop the police seizing 'evidence'...