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Doctors Mayday! Mayday! protest.

Hippocrates. | 30.04.2001 21:22

Over 1,000 GP's are making their own form of mayday protest,
according to news reports.

Amongst all the hysteria about tooled-up anarchists intent on unleashing mayhem in London, one sizeable Mayday protest group is getting very little news coverage - the Doctors.

According to a brief report on Channel 4 news today (30/04/01), over a 1,000 GP's are to present a petition to the Department of Health in London on May the 1st. The petition, according to C4, complains of over-work and vastly increased paperwork to handle (market forces, y'see). Footage included clear shots of posters for this doctors-only protest, with the bold red caption:


John Snow, the C4 newsreader, described the handing in of this petition as 'militant'. (They'll be warning us of anarchist GPs next, I s'pose!)

Could the fact that even doctors are having a mayday protest be what's behind the government's clear paranoia about mayday and anti-globalisation protests? Or has the staid and sensible profession of community doctors been infiltrated by 'hardcore anarchist thugs' intent on destroying society?

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