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Hackney Council Workers Strike on MayDay

John Smith | 01.05.2001 09:18 | Workers' Movements

Thousends of Council workers on strike in Hackney as part of Dispute over cuts in wages and services

Thousends of Council workers are today, Mayday, on strike in the London Borough of Hackney. This is the sixth day of strikes after 1 on December the 20th, 3 days in January and March 7th. The dispute is over cuts to low paid workers wages, cuts in sevices, for example to a centre for the disabled, but above all an attempt to destroy the unions in the run up to privatising all services. n.b the GATS Global Accord on Trade and Services to which Britain is part of states that all services should be privatised. What is happenning in Hackney will give the lead for Labour Councils all over England to privatise services and cut wages and jobs.
There has been about a couple of hundred workers on picket lines today.While Unison has stayed solid against the Council the GMB and T&G have 'sold-out' and want to do a deal with the can you negotiate pay-cuts!!!

John Smith