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Islamophobic EDL rally with Zionists at Israel Embassy Weds 7pm 2nd June 2010

01-06-2010 22:20

The Islamophobic football hooligans of the English Defence League [EDL] are holding a rally tomorrow Wednesday 2nd June from 7pm with Zionists outside the Israel Embassy to defend Zionism and Israel. They have held protests with Zionist SIOE before. There have been International protests against Israel this weekend following the massacre of aid workers in International waters by the Israel Navy.

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Glasgow Flotilla massacre protest

01-06-2010 21:46

pics from the glasgow protest, george square, against the flotilla massacre.

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NG Bailey Director No Longer Attending Green Breakfast

01-06-2010 21:18

A call out last week asked supporters to contact the organisers of the Green Gateways Business Club due to Cal Bailey, Director at Leicester Lab-condstructors NG Bailey, attending.

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Protest against deportation at Becket House reporting centre, London

01-06-2010 20:16

protest against deportation at Becket House, 01-06-2010

As part of the Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, a protest was today held at Becket House, one of London's two main immigration reporting centres near London Bridge. The demo was called by No Borders London and supported by other groups, including Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees and Stop Deportation. A similar was held earlier in the day at Communications House, London's other main reporting centre in Old Street (see here).

After displaying their banners and placards in the rain, shouting anti-deportation and anti-detention slogans via a loudspeaker and leafleting passers-by, the protesters then walked round the back into the secure compound, where they stayed for a short while among snatch squad vans, until they were 'asked' to leave by the security guards.

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Protest against deportation at Communications House reporting centre, London

01-06-2010 20:07

Protest against deportation at Communications House, 01-06-2010

As part of the Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, and despite the bad weather conditions, a picket was today held at Communications House, one of London's two main immigration reporting centres on Old Street. The demo was called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and supported by other groups, including No Borders London and Stop Deportation. A similar demo was held later in the day at Becket House, London's other main reporting centre near London Bridge (see here).

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Edinburgh Protest Against Gaza Flotilla Massacre

01-06-2010 19:23

Around 200 people gathered at the Mound in Edinburgh on Monday to protest against Israel's massacre against the Free Gaza flotilla. Similar protests took place in Glasgow and across the UK.

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Help break the Pro-Israel censorhip on!!!

01-06-2010 19:12

Since yesterday heavy censorhip on indymedia Deutschland is taking place. Comments are not published, reports about upcomming demonstrations against the Gaza-flotilla massacre are erased after some time. Organising resistance among the left in Germany is made difficult.

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Calling Bristol Antifascists

01-06-2010 18:22

The EDL(/WDL) plans to rally in Cardiff this Saturday (5 June).

Please support the counter-demo which will assemble at City Hall at 1pm, or join the feeder march which meets at Roald Dahl Plas (Cardiff Bay waterfront) at 11am. More details and links at http://radicalsocia

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Why did Israel attack civilians in the Mediterranean?

01-06-2010 18:18

a range of antiwar articles

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Letter To MP & MSPs Regarding Israel’s Cowardly Attack On The Humanitarian Aid Convoy

01-06-2010 17:23

Letter sent to:  Alistair Darling MP, David McLetchie MSP, Gavin Brown MSP, George Foulkes MSP, Robin Harper MSP, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Margo MacDonald MSP, Ian McKee MSP, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP 1st June 2010 Dear Alistair Darling MP, et al I’m writing to you, as one of my elected representatives, to express my shock, horror and [...]

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Barras Threat

01-06-2010 17:23

Plans are afoot to “rebrand” the “closure-threatened” Barras Market as a “specialist destination”; with the Barrowlands music venue as the “trump card” in City Council plans to ‘regenerate’ the area. In the plans, the Barras cafes, stalls and pubs would be marketed together with the Barrowlands venue in a “Camden-style regeneration package”.

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Underneath the Arches – Paddy’s Market

01-06-2010 17:23

Paddy's R.I.P

Could the model for the ‘regeneration’ of the Barras Market be the closure of Paddy’s Market? Stigmatisation, as we suggest in the prevous article, is often the first stage of gentrification, and the article reproduced here by Gordon MacGregor in the Scottish Review shows how it functions to help clear unwanted people from ‘development’ areas - even if there is little or no truth behind the smears.

Paddy’s Market and the Barras market have important differences and we’re not suggesting the same process is inevitable, but we agree with MacGregor that we’re seeing an increasingly polarised city as wealth is increasingly extracted from social services and amenities in order to subsidise property development for the wealthy. In that context, the Barras as it currently stands may well be under threat from property development and gentrification.


“Sadly, it seems that there are now two Glasgows: there is the Glasgow in which ‘regeneration grants’ are handed out to the council’s café-owning cronies. Then there is ghetto Glasgow, bereft of resources, where it is barely possible to get a bus from Duke Street to the Merchant City. Not only are the two Glasgows exclusive, one actively works to the detriment of the other. The abstraction of scarce resources to the council’s private-sector partners, associates and golfing buddies has a direct and palpable effect on the quality of life of Merchant City’s poorer neighbours. No more so than in the business of regeneration, where opportunity and hope are zero-sum commodities”.

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View from the Ground at Calton

01-06-2010 17:23

Interview with Billy Gold, publican of the ‘Heilan Jessie’ (Gallowgate), about the Barras Market area and Calton.

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Palestine Today 06012010

01-06-2010 17:19

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

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Bailey Director Has Had His Invite for a Business Breakfast Cancelled

01-06-2010 16:50

Bailey Director Has Had His Invite for a Business Breakfast Cancelled After Animal Rights Activists Contacted The Organisers!

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Demo tonight at the Israeli embassy

01-06-2010 14:30

GAZA UPDATE: London Protest Tuesday 1 June: Israeli Embassy, High St Kensington 5.30pm

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Israel vows to attack next Flotilla boat - possibly tomorrow

01-06-2010 14:17

After the failure of the US/UK states to allow one single sanction against Israel, following the attack on the Flotilla boat yesterday, news is breaking that another two boats are already en route to Gaza.

The MV Rachel Corrie, which was held up in Malta due to technical problems is currently sailing towards Gaza with a crew of Irish and Malaysian activists in a bid to deliver its cargo of aid supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. It is expected to reach Gazan teritorial waters tomorrow, according to a spokeswoman for the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign said, quoted in the Irish times. However, Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement said that the boat may not arrive until next week.

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Report and photos of demonstration for Gaza in Edinburgh on 31st May 2010

01-06-2010 13:43

A demonstration was held in Edinburgh against the Israeli attack on the flotilla to Gaza. 20 photos are included.

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Emergency film screening and information session

01-06-2010 13:22

Friday June 4th Mina Park
Palestine solidarity night.
An emergency film screening and information session is happening this Friday night in Mina Park to update everyone on the situation with the flotilla of aid which has been attacked by Israeli forces.
Donations accepted to assist the convoys efforts.
9:30pm start.

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English Hooligans Intercepted thanks to the EDL?

01-06-2010 12:25

English soccer holligans trying to sneak into South Africa via Dubai have been intercepted by the police. Wonder how they knew?