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Report and photos of demonstration for Gaza in Edinburgh on 31st May 2010

Paul O'Hanlon | 01.06.2010 13:43 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression | World

A demonstration was held in Edinburgh against the Israeli attack on the flotilla to Gaza. 20 photos are included.

Israel's attack on the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza in the early hours of Monday morning 31st May 2010 had led to huge International condemnation. A number of emergency demonstrations were organised including one in Edinburgh.

A demonstration of around 500 people assembled by the foot of the Mound at five O'clock and then marched along Princes Street to the Caledonian hotel with loud chants of 'Free, free Palestine!' and 'End the siege, end the siege, end the siege of Gaza!'. Then it was decided to march on the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland, Bute House in Charlotte Square.

It was announced that there was to be an all Scotland demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday 5th June starting at 2.00pm at the foot of the Mound. A Palestinian flag was placed outside the First Minister Alex Salmond's house and an invitation to join the event was put through his letterbox.

20 photos of the day are included

As well as the all Scotland demonstration in Edinburgh there will be a demonstration in London on Saturday 5th June assembling at Downing Street at 1.30pm and then marching to the Israeli embassy.

On Monday 31st May protests were held across the country with reports coming in from London, Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, and Galway. In London the protest moved on from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy, whilst in Bristol a protest was held in solidarity with Palestinians and the two Bristolians aboard the attacked convoy. In Galway a protest was held inside Marks & Spencer in protest of their support of the occupation, and in Manchester protesters attempted to storm the BBC building in protest of biased reporting.

Video: Call for action from activist Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News)

Here are some photos of the spontaneous protest in London on Monday 31st May:

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