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more Catweazle pics

23-10-2003 14:52

more pics

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Endorse Jayyous Women's March Against the Wall

23-10-2003 13:56

Message of Support to the Jayyous Women's Charitable Society ‘WOMEN MARCH AGAINST THE WALL ‘Mothers demand right to feed their children’

Today the Global Women's Strike holds a support action at lunchtime in the centre of Galway as part of Palestine Support Week in Ireland North and South. In London the Anti-War Community Picket in Parliament Square, 5.30-7pm will give the latest news.

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Images from this week's Catweazle Club

23-10-2003 13:55

Highlights from this week's Catweazle Club - a stellar session.
Oxford's longest-running community performance space, every Wednesday, 8.30pm, Northgate Hall, St Michael's Street. £3.50/£2.50. All manner of acoustic artistry. Website coming soon(ish)

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23-10-2003 12:13

The Board of Deputies has submitted evidence to the inquiry into 'Development Assistance and the Palestinian Territories' currently being conducted by Westminster’s International Development Committee.

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Reclaim The Bases

23-10-2003 12:04

Reclaim The Bases - new website & weekend of events jan 17-18 2004

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23-10-2003 11:58

If any Sheffield Indymedia readers are thinking of celebrating Nov 5th, why not try this?

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Forget your toothbrush (flouridation latest)

23-10-2003 10:56

2 articles regarding the Flouridation issue
help to stop the dosing of the population
and the social engineering that goes with it....

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Bring pots and pans for (globally) warm welcome to BP boss, today, 5pm

23-10-2003 10:47

Bring pots and pans and whatever else you can find to make a right royal racket at BP boss Browne's greenwash-fest at the RIBA today at 5pm. We should be done by 6.30pm at the latest.

And wear a 'lounge suit' (!) if you have a ticket to hear the talk.

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Guardian Article about Simon Chapman, Oct. 23rd

23-10-2003 10:46

Greeks framed me, claims Briton in jail hunger strike

Campaigner facing 25-year sentence says video of anti-capitalist demo will prove police planted weapons

Rebecca Allison
Thursday October 23, 2003
The Guardian

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CBI (Confederation of British Industry) in Brum, Nov 16-18

23-10-2003 10:29

CBI's conference logo
The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) are having their national 2003 conference
in Birmingham from November 16th to 18th. There will be a focus on "international
competitiveness" - you know, the economic dogma that pits people against each other and
keeps conditions sweet for profit maximisation. They have an "all-star" cast of
people from various dark worlds such as the WTO (Supachai), lobby groups (Strube, head
of UNICE) and industry (Fitzgerald, top dog at Unilever), as well as a crop of
UK ministers such as Hewitt.

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Justice for Andrew Kernan

23-10-2003 10:09

Shot dead becasue he suffered mental health problems. What a cover up.

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23-10-2003 10:02

Upcoming Zapatista solidarity events in Brighton and London this month, including demo at the Mexican Embassy in London on Friday 31 October.

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Madre Teresa di Calcutta e Michael Moore

23-10-2003 08:32

Madre Teresa di Calcutta e Michael Moore

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FINALLY Some Truth about the USS Liberty

23-10-2003 04:21

And NOW, are there ANY Israeli high level ranking military men of HONOR..ANY Israeli soldiers or men.. ANYWHERE who will Break this Ugly Wall of Silence and present the Truth about this?

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Police racism programme?

23-10-2003 01:01

Any thoughts?

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22-10-2003 23:33

Call for Action!

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Hunger strike in solidarity of Thessaloniki 7

22-10-2003 22:10

Freedom to the 7 demonstrators in Jail
Solidarity to the 5 hunger strikers

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St Agnes Place - the story on film

22-10-2003 21:38

The story of St Agnes Place, Kennington Park, South London can now be viewed on the web

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"Isolate the Anti-imperialist Camp and their Nazi fascist accomplices"

22-10-2003 19:12

“Isolate the Anti-imperialist Camp and their Nazi fascist accomplices”
The falsifications of Fulvio Grimaldi

A. Letter to John Catalinotto of the International Action Centre, USA
October 21, 2003

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Cheap Migrant Labor Imported into Iraq

22-10-2003 17:51

Reconstruction subcontractors in Iraq are importing cheap migrant labor from south Asia.