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Pictures to say NO to the European Constitution...

06-03-2005 22:01

Do let us be abused by some fools...

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Test of The Ring: Think Like Bush or Real Education

06-03-2005 21:24

Can U Shock Yourself Into Consciousness: DO the Test
The Test can assist you in smashing your brain-washing to actualize the severe changes that dignity/honor call down upon our thinking, the clarity of our goals, the design processes of our strategies for change-the purpose & operations of institutions that shape our lives & deaths.

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DISSENT! benefit gig in Manchester, Sat March 12th 2005

06-03-2005 21:08

Garden City Social
Sat 12th March, 7.30pm 2005
A benefit for the dissent camapign against the g8 2005

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bad example

06-03-2005 20:34

Speaking at a conference, the deputy leader of the Secondary Heads Association, Martin Ward, has said that televised professional football sets children a 'bad example' and should not be shown before the 9pm watershed.

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The Sunshine Project News Release - 3 March 2005

06-03-2005 19:01

press release from the sunshine project march 03 /05.

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Anti-war Fundraiser

06-03-2005 18:57

Fundraiser in aid of Merseyside Stop the War Coalition from 8pm til late, on Weds 16th March, in the Brook café on the 1st floor of Quiggins, School Lane, Liverpool.

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Events in Worthing and Brighton

06-03-2005 18:26

Listing of several events coming up in Brighton and Worthing.

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March London Calling

06-03-2005 17:51

March's London Calling looks at London's new police chief ( having one Mr Blair who wants to lock everyone up is surely enough) we continue debate about the Hackney Empire, and comment on the first anti-olympics march in London.

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I Cannot Support the Troops.

06-03-2005 17:15

An open letter to all active duty U.S. Military personal.

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Film: Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations

06-03-2005 16:30

Scene from the short film "Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations"
subMedia completes second short film inspired by crimethinc's manifesto.

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Vigil - Solidarity with Iraqi women - 8 March 12 noon

06-03-2005 14:39

Please try to attend this vigil in support of Iraqi women on International Women's Day, Tuesday 8 March, at 12 noon, outside the Iraqi Embassy in London (full details below).

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Anti-Civilisation Bulletin

06-03-2005 11:35


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Blair to use anti-terror laws on G8 protestors

06-03-2005 09:18

Blair refused to rule out using controversial new anti-terror laws against G8 protesters when Britain hosts the summit of world leaders in July.

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Red Nose Day Banned in Catholic Schools in South Wales

06-03-2005 08:26

Welsh children in Catholic comprehenive schools banned from raising money for Comic Relief!!

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Wireless World: A ruling on wireless taxes

06-03-2005 02:01

A story about tax on mobile phone usage.

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05-03-2005 23:48

The 16th February saw 1,500 people gather in the zapatista autonomous municipality of that name, to celebrate the construction of their new Autonomous Council building. Meanwhile at the same time in Scotland, supporters of Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group held an event to show solidarity with their twinned zapatista municipality.

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US soldiers open fire on freed hostage

05-03-2005 23:37

US soldiers open fire on freed hostage

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Terror law crackdown for G8 protesters

05-03-2005 23:19

10.51PM, Sat Mar 5 2005

Tony Blair has refused to rule out using controversial new anti-terror laws against G8 protesters when Britain hosts the summit of world leaders in July.